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"I have purchased all of the FightinStrong Muay Thai materials, mostly on DVD. There are other products out there with more "polished" production, but few if any that rival the quality and detail of actual information. Great products and great customer service." - D.K. - Duluth, GA, 1/10/2019

Top Notch Instructions

"I am a 51 year old man currently living in San Diego, California. Every Muay Thai product that I have purchased from Fightinstrong has contained top notch instructions that is presented in an easy to follow format for anyone from the beginning Muay Thai student to the seasoned practitioner. If you want the finest video instruction around I would definitely choose Fightinstrong." - KG, 1/10/2019

Outstanding Information And Great Demonstrations

"I recommended any and all videos from Scott Sullivan. His experience and ability to teach material in an easy to learn way is awesome. All the videos I have ordered have been packed with outstanding information and great demonstrations of each move." - BC, Texas, 1/10/2019

Hard To Find This Much Knowledge And Variety Anywhere Out There!

"I Coach Muay Thai and I Love to hear the Masters of the Art! It's hard to find this much knowledge and variety anywhere out there. Short of actually traveling to Thailand, this is the next best thing!" - C.B., Florida, 1/10/2019

Top Tier Excellent

"Any course offered by Scott Sullivan personally is top tier excellent and he has many top tier experts that work with him and provide the highest quality of information that you can get, all with excellent video and audio quality both DVD and online. You get all the details and camera angles to help you see what the real deal is for these martial art videos and by the best of the best instructors." - SW, Texas, 1/10/2019

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