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How To Quickly and Easily 
(Even If You Are A Total Beginner With No Experience)
Professional Defensive Tactics Instructor Teaches You A
Proven Method For Building "Man Stopping" Knockout Power In Your Fists!
If You Are Worried About Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Physical Danger Then You Need To Read Every Single Word On This Page...
Do you wish you knew how to defend yourself and your loved ones against an assault?

Would you like to feel confident in your ability to keep yourself and your family safe if a violent attack happens?

Or worse...
Do you know what to do if some punk goes after your wife, or climbs in your kid’s bedroom window at night?
Are you PHYSICALLY TRAINED AND PREPARED to protect yourself or your loved ones against a violent threat?

The truth is that MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT. Most people have absolutely no idea how to what to do if they are attacked.

You need to understand that to not prepare yourself against a violent attack is itself a form of preparation - to fail to plan is to plan to fail.

Not doing anything is a bad strategy.

If you’re worried about this kind of thing you are not alone. This is a problem for millions of people today.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution...
FBI statistics show that the odds of you being assaulted at some point in your lifetime are about 1 in 9!
The Easiest, Most Practical Way of Defending Yourself Is Right Here
What Everybody Ought To Know About How To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones By Developing "Fight-Stopping" Knockout Power In Your Fists.
Instant Digital Access!
The "How To Knock Someone Out" program is a simple and fast system that shows you how to develop hard-hitting knockout power in your punches for a REAL STREETFIGHT (not a sports contest) 
What's So Great About Knockout Punching?
A knockout punch can DECISIVELY win any fight in an instant. 
Without a doubt, this is why the knockout punch is an important tool to have in every fighter's toolbox.
A knockout punch builds on the natural human reaction to a threat.
Punching is a natural human reaction to a threat. We just take that natural inclination to punch in a fight and develop it.
Knockout punching is a simple and effective method of self defense.
No weird hand contortions or complicated moves here. Just the simple stuff you need to HIT HARD, FAST, AND ACCURATELY.
Made For Beginners: Simple and Easy To Follow
Learn Everything You Need To Know In A Little Over An Hour
As any experienced fighter will tell you - it's better to master just a few simple moves than to "half-ass" your way through a bunch of complicated nonsense. That's why this course teaches you just the simple things that work.

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on self-defense, and you could spend YEARS taking martial arts classes.

Get this simple course that crams everything you need to know about KO punching into a short easy to follow course!
Imagine, walking past a some thugs at a gas station or Wal-Mart with the rock solid confidence that comes from knowing how to take care of yourself.
That's really the main benefit here.

​​​​​​​It's not just about actually winning a fight, but it's also the confidence that comes from knowing that you can.
About The Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan, PhD.
Scott M. Sullivan is a seasoned defensive tactics and MMA trainer, black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai coach with over 20 years of experience teaching cops, SWAT team members, military personnel, kickboxers, boxers, professional fighters, MMA fighters, grapplers and thousands of other students how to protect themselves in real-life confrontations.

​​​​​​​This course is Scott's personal program for teaching you how to develop knockout power in your punches for a REAL STREETFIGHT (not a sports contest) and that means making it as easy possible for the average man to learn how to develop hard punching power in the shortest amount of time possible.
Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Are Going To Learn...
How to throw POWERFUL HOOKS, RIGHT CROSSES, RIPPING UPPERCUTS, HAMMERFISTS, and other "BOMBS" that give you an instant physical and psychological edge over your attacker.
How to punch with proper body mechanics so that your punches land with maximal power. 
How to throw a wicked "overhand right" that comes out of nowhere and will plant any punk on his butt fast so that you can get the hell out of there (he might have friends looking for revenge).
The 3 things you should NEVER do when punching in a street fightMost people have no idea how to throw an effective punch. When stressed they usually "flail" in a wimpy "bitch slap" motion that only strikes the opponent with the soft insides of the wrist and they leave their face completely exposed to a counter blowLearn what all of these mistakes are so you don't make them.
How to hit with PROPERLY and with MAXIMAL damage: This is important because most people have no idea how EASILY YOU CAN BREAK YOUR HAND when hitting a human head (think "bowling ball with teeth"). You need to hit where it counts That means you must aim your punches at critical “sweet spots” so that you can even drop big "muscleheads"with minimal effort.
Learn one simple block in 60 seconds that stops any punch cold. Haymakers, uppercuts, hooks - whatever. It doesn't matter. This one block will stop them.
Learn the critical three-part knockout strategy you need to dramatically increase the "stopping power" of your punches. Throwing the best knockout punch humanly possible ain't as easy as you think. It takes training. But on top of that, you need a strategy that increases your odds of scoring a KO. That's what you will learn here.
How to train with the heavy bag (correctly): Seasoned fighters can spot a "newbie" working the bag in about 3 seconds. They're stiff, awkward, uncoordinated, and waste a lot of precious energy. This video will show you how to work the bag like an experienced pro.
Learn all the other techniques and drills that will teach you how to HIT HARDER, FASTER, and with BETTER ACCURACY on the street.
And so much more...
This is the stuff you'll be glad you know every damn time you have to walk past a group of punks standing on the corner or when you have to get out of your car at a gas station in a bad part of town.
Here’s What You Get:
The Complete How To Knock Someone Out Program: 21 Videos Totaling 81 Minutes of Material
The Complete How To Knock Someone Out Program: Get instant access to all 21 videos totaling up to 83 minutes of material. Here’s where you'll learn everything you need to know to have two strong "canons" right there at your side at all times.
No permits needed, no running out of ammo... you'll always have these "guns" with you no matter where you are.
Free Bonus Video #1: How To Keep Your Face From Being SMASHED
It's not enough to just know how to hit. You could be the strongest puncher in the world, but if you can't protect your own face it won't do you much good if you get "tagged" real hard. You also need to know how to AVOID BEING HIT!
But you sure as hell don't need anything complicated for this. You gotta keep it simple. 
This free bonus video will show you the ABSOLUTE EASIEST WAY to protect your face in a fight and how to then fire back with counterpunches of your own.
Free Bonus Video #2: The Absolute Best Way To Stop A Sucker Punch
WARNING: This is an extremely dangerous situation. Learn how to NOT get sucker punched from here.
Those confrontations when someone "gets in your face" can be extremely dangerous. This is where a suckerpunch (the oldest streetfighter trick in the book) can take you out in a instant. 
In this free bonus video, I'll show you an EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE AND PROVEN way to SHUT THIS MOVE DOWN and neutralize your attacker FAST! 
I'm going to show you how you can STAY SAFE in a "face to face" argument without looking scared or intimidated, AND how to tell in advance when he is going to punch you, AND how to STOP HIS PUNCH BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS and then lock him up in a helpless position. (I promise, I've used this move many times. It freakin' works GREAT!)
With This Offer You Get Instant Digital Access
To Everything Mentioned!
A lot of great stuff here my friend,... and you can have it all for just $9.95.
Yep, Just $9.95
No B.S. in this course! This course is perfect for all cops, bouncers, military personnel, preppers, survivalists, or just "normal everyday guys" who want to live a normal life, but who also know they need good solid fighting skills in case something happens.

That's why we made it so affordable.
Literally, for the price of a meal at McDonald's, you can become MUCH BETTER PREPARED to defend yourself and your loved ones on the street. 

But don't put this offYou might be need this stuff real soon.

Click on the GREEN BUTTON below to order.
Why Am I Practically
Giving This Away???

To be 100% up front with you...  It can be considered a "bribe"

You're going to get instant digital access to the "How To Knock Someone Out" course for just the low fee of $9.95 and you'll keep it - no matter what.  This course will give you the tools you need to protect yourself and your family in just 60 minutes.  I want to help as many folks as possible to have the baseline skills needed to protect themselves and their families. 

I am also going to get you completely full access to the most comprehensive training academy online so you can take your training even further.  As far as you'd like, to be quite frank.    You're going to get access to our Fight Science Lab, its loaded with every course we have ever created at FightinStrong.  You'll have full access to over 60 laser focused courses covering all the most crucial disciplines needed to become a COMPLETE combat warrior/Actual Bad Ass!

You're going to get full access to all 60 plus courses for free, if you choose. Don't worry, this is a ZERO risk offer on your end.  I want to be totally upfront with you... You are under no obligation to stay a part of the Fight Science Lab.  Your going to get unfiltered access for a full 14 days!  After the 14 days we will begin charging you the Charter Membership fee of $47/month.

Before you start to stress about being a part of this membership area, I think you should know a couple things.  First you can cancel ANYTIME.  Just shoot us an email or give us a ring and we'll cancel "on the spot" with no questions asked.  Second, we understand that people get busy and if that's that they case and you feel the Lab is not for you just let us know and we'll refund up to 60 days in membership fees.  We only want you in the Fight Science Lab if you see the enormous value it provides! 

All the courses hosted in the Fight Science Lab have been broken up into easy to follow and consume training tools that can be used by long time self defense veterans as well as those with zero background in martial arts and have never even been in a fight.  Our goal is to provide anyone and everyone with a full service training center than they can use as a supplement to any gym training or use as your solo training resource you can perform anywhere and anytime.  

I am over 50 years old, have eight children of my own and know the dangers everyone is potentially exposed to in this world today.  That's why I have created these courses and worked with some of the best instructors in the world to provide our community with the tools the need to walk the streets with confidence knowing they are as prepared as possible to protect themselves and the ones they love.  

I hope you decide to take me up on this limited time offer (you probably won't see it anywhere else) and get your free copy of the How to Knock Someone Out as well as a trial membership to out Fight Science Lab.  I have put years for effort and work to build this arsenal of training tools for people that value their ability to take care of themselves.  People just like you!  

The Quickest, Easiest, And Most Practical Way To Become A Highly Educated And Skilled Martial Artist Is Right Here
The Fight Science Martial Arts Training Library
These courses total HUNDREDS OF HOURS of engaging, educational material with MORE PROGRAMS being added all the time. 
All Taught By Names You Can Trust
Just cover the low cost of...
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You'll get instant access immediately after purchase. You’ll also get unlimited access to the Fight Science Lab for free, for a full 14 days. Your member login will be sent to your email immediately after purchase – if you have any problems logging in or accessing your materials, contact us directly here: After your free 14-day trial, your subscription will automatically renew for just $47/month until you decide to cancel.
P.S. Learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones from violence is one of the biggest concerns of our day. The "How To Knock Someone Out" program is a "crash course" for anyone who wants to master the punch, one of the most important areas of fighting. So if you're serious about taking care of yourself, your family, and feeling more confident about yourself, then don't screw around. Click the button above to order now. (If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for).

P.P.S. WARNING: COURSE CONTAINS GRAPHIC FOOTAGE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED - You need to look at the reality of real fighting right square in the eye to know what you are up against. For this reason, we have included very graphic videos of real life street fights so that you can see firsthand what street violence looks like (it’s not pretty and it’s not like the movies) and where the moves we will show you fit in to the reality.
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