Knife Crime Continues To Spiral Out of Control!

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Scott Sullivan
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Hello valued tribe member!

Over the past year I have gotten a lot of emails asking me for advice on defending against knife attacks…

I don’t blame these subscribers for wanting to know what to do in this brutal situation…

With all the craziness going on in the world and as you can see from the image above the massive rise in…

Innocent folks getting brutally attacked on the streets by knife wielding thugs.

I wanted to give my community an quick and easy way to learn to protect themselves and their loved ones on the streets...

Against a knife attack.

I can't expect you to spend months or years learning fancy martial arts and Filipino knife training selects...

Like I have.

That’s why I boiled down all my Filipino knife fighting tactics combined with tactical and combat knife survival training…

Into a focused 30 minute “crash course” containing ONLY the best strategies and tactics for surviving a knife attack.

Here’s the best part!

Their was such a high demand for this easy to use training...

I want to give my most valued members (like "you" - if you're reading this) a chance to get this DVD for free!

The only think I ask if for you to pay for shipping and handling…

WAIT!  Before you say you don't have time for this...

Just in case you didn't catch this above...

You need no experience in martial arts to be able to master these tactics…


You Really Don't Even NEED to Practice These Tactics...

Just Watching The Videos Will
​​​​​​​Drastically Increase Your Chances of
Surviving A Knife Attack! 

You could also easily teach your family and friends how to use these tactics in just an afternoon.

So if you have seen or heard about the rise in deadly knife attacks across the world and wondered “what would I do” if someone attacked you on the street with a knife…

You need this free DVD!

Just click the order button below and fill out the information on the checkout page so I know where to ship this free DVD to.

We ARE only asking you to pay for the shipping and handling on this free DVD…
Most Realistic
​​​​​​​Knife Attack Training You'll Find...

​​​​​​​Yet It's Simple And Easy To Learn!

Regardless of how anyone feels about gun control...

The fact is more innocent people, than ever before, are being targeted by thugs and terrorist for brutal knife slayings!

Put your politics aside and first and foremost be prepared to protect yourself and your loved ones, if needed!

Why Am I Giving This DVD Away FREE?
​​​​​​​AND Only Asking You To Pay For S & H?

To be 100% up front with you...  It can be considered a "bribe"

You're going to get instant access to the How To Survive A Knife Attack for FREE and we'll ship you the DVD, we just ask you to help us by paying shipping and handling and you'll keep it - no matter what.  

I am also going to get you completely full access to the most comprehensive training academy online so you can take your training even further and have all the tools you need to become a "certified hand to hand bad ass".    You're going to get access to our Fight Science Lab, its loaded with every course we have ever created at FightinStrong.  You'll have full access to over 60 laser focused courses covering all the most crucial disciplines needed to become a COMPLETE combat warrior/Actual Bad Ass!

You're going to get full access to all 60 plus courses for free, if you choose. Don't worry, this is a ZERO risk offer on your end.  I want to be totally upfront with you... You are under no obligation to stay a part of the Fight Science Lab.  Your going to get unfiltered access for a full 14 days!  After the 14 days we will begin charging you the Charter Membership fee of $47/month.

Before you start to stress about being a part of this membership area, I think you should know a couple things.  First you can cancel ANYTIME.  Just shoot us an email or give us a ring and we'll cancel "on the spot" with no questions asked.  Second, we understand that people get busy and if that's that they case and you feel the Lab is not for you just let us know and we'll refund up to 60 days in membership fees.  We only want you in the Fight Science Lab if you see the enormous value it provides! 

All the courses hosted in the Fight Science Lab have been broken up into easy to follow and consume training tools that can be used by long time self defense veterans as well as those with zero background in martial arts and have never even been in a fight.  Our goal is to provide anyone and everyone with a full service training center than they can use as a supplement to any gym training or use as your solo training resource you can perform anywhere and anytime.  

I am over 50 years old, have eight children of my own and know the dangers everyone is potentially exposed to in this world today.  That's why I have created these courses and worked with some of the best instructors in the world to provide our community with the tools the need to walk the streets with confidence knowing they are as prepared as possible to protect themselves and the ones they love.  

I hope you decide to take me up on this limited time offer (you probably won't see it anywhere else) and get your free copy of the Self Defense Shortcut as well as a trial membership to out Fight Science Lab.  I have put years for effort and work to build this arsenal of training tools for people that value their ability to take care of themselves.  People just like you!  

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Scott M. Sullivan Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. and is a professional martial arts trainer with over 25 years of experience teaching the most effective self-defense moves in the world to S.W.A.T., police, military personnel and average citizens. 

Sullivan has over 30 years of experience in studying, training, and teaching knife fighting tactics and has trained extensively in various Filipino martial art styles, widely recognized to be some of the best knife fighting systems in the world.

Dr. Sullivan is also the chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX, he holds a second degree black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, is a former heavyweight kickboxing champion and is the author of numerous best-selling martial arts instructional videos that have sold thousands of copies worldwide.