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MTech Tactical Karambit Neck Knife
Lightweight and Portable, Features Grommet to Hang Around Neck or Tie Around Leg.
Made of 440 stainless-steal construction
One-piece black finish with integrated finger ring
Black and green G-10 onlay handles. Molded black sheath with belt/pocket clip.
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You won't know exactly how powerful the knife is until you personally try it. Designed with an integrated finger ring and a grommet and clip to hang around your neck or waist, it is so concealable it will give you an unfair advantage. 

Ergonomic design with clip makes it easy to clip onto your clothes or bag. Except that, this is a perfect tool for self-defense...

The pommel can be used to hit criminals effectively and cause temporary damage. The finger ring makes it more difficult for an attacker to disarm you.... What is more, the butt can also be used to break the glass if your car falls drives in the water or catches fire. As a knife, it was modeled after the deadly tiger claw and has been used over-seas for generations. It's curved design makes it a brutal cutting weapon. It is considered the most deadly knife to wield in a fight. Convenient to carry, it is really a good choice for you. Do not hesitate! Come on!

Why Are You Giving This Away?
Having a blade weapon is one of the most effective strategies you can use in a fight. When you have it hidden away, he won't see the devastation coming. You can attack and they will be almost completely helpless and unable to counterattack.

This is one of the reasons why the
Karambit Knife is, by far, one of the most effective defensive strategies.

But the problem is that too many guys think they can handle themselves in a fight... but they can't ever defend themselves in a real situation...

That's why we made this...

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