To family men over 50 passionate about self-preservation, do you have a plan to protect your family when you can't reach your gun?
​​​​​​​MTech "Tiger Claw" Knife
​​​​​​​Devastating Cutting Power

Deadly Close-Quarter Self-Defense Weapon
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Better Than A Gun (100% Legal)
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From: Scott Sullivan

Founder: 4:37 a.m. Monday

To Hard Working Family Men That Want To Rely On Themselves,

Hi friend, I am sitting at my home office desk writing this letter before the sun comes up.

I’m a father of eight and even with over 30 years martial arts and weapons training, I still lose sleep by the thought of some cold-blooded killer catching me off guard and harming my family…

Most people will tell you to carry a gun to protect you and your family because a gun is more powerful than a knife (and they’re right).

BUT true self-defense experts might disagree and argue that a street thug or criminal is going to try and gain an unfair advantage....

They are going to come out of nowhere and you won't have the time or the distance to get a concealed firearm out before some drunk or drugged up psycho is raining down terror on you and your family

In these 1 on 1 close quarter combat situations a knife is going to be your best line of defense.

Knives like the one I'm giving away free on this page (better known as karambits or tiger claws) originated in the 11th century by ancient Indonesian warriors to be easy to handle in battle and extremely deadly...

Over the centuries, they have evolved into one of the best EDC weapons and utility knives on the planet (trust me, I spent a long time researching the  best knives for protection and practical use)...

Praised for their design that makes them easy and safe to handle along with tremendous cutting power...

The ancient warriors used to dip them in snake or frog venom before battle, targeting their enemies nerves, joints and slashing the lower abdomen with the uniquely designed venom soaked curved blades.

Now, before you get any ideas, let me make it clear...

I Never Want To Be In A Knife Fight

You know what they say: “Two things happen in a knife fight, one person goes to the hospital and the other goes to the morgue

I’m writing you this letter because I have devoted my life to helping others protect themselves and their families from the evil on the streets these days...

I'm a 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, former international heavyweight Kickboxing and Shootboxing champion and world renowned Muay Thai instructor...

Despite all my accomplishments, I am most proud of and dedicated to my family and being the best instructor possible.

I want you to know that I carry a concealed firearm for my families protection because I know how valuable they are, but I always have a knife on me...

Heck, I sleep with a folding knife in my pocket most nights...

I searched long and hard to find the best self defense knife I could give to my community but...

Giving You a Knife and Expecting You to
Be Able to Use it for Protection in a Life-Threatening Situation
Would Be Careless of Me... 

I run my own gym; instructing adults in self defense, BJJ, Muay Thai and many other martial arts…

I host Anti-Bullying seminars to teach youngsters everything from:
How to defend themselves, public speaking, treating other with respect, and how to live a healthy lifestyle...

And I created one of the biggest online training communities in the world providing easy to use online self defense, martial arts and weapons training that people use in just about every country!

What these decades of reality-based experience have shown me is that, men who truly hold themselves accountable for the safety of those that depend on them...

Need to do more than just carry a concealed firearm and think that's enough...

Not having a reality-based defense plan, if you can get to your gun is just planning to fail when your loved ones will need you the most! 

If Some Sick Punk Jumps You And
You Can't Get To Your Gun
You're Going to Need Another Method of Protection!

This is what urged me to start carrying a knife and training in Filipino Knife Fighting Systems decades ago…

I am a strong believer that a knife is an essential EDC for real world "self-preservation".

Here comes the comes the rub...

You better know how to handle it and you better be prepared to use it…

You might be thinking…

Ok, I can just get a knife and watch a couple videos on Youtube and I’ll be ready for anything!

Sorry friend, but that isn’t how it works.

Most of the knife self-defense videos online are complete bullshit (pardon my French)...

These videos are made "to get views" and are full of flashy "Hollywood" crap that will get you seriously hurt or worse  your attacker will end up with your knife and use it on you and your family.  

Even if you can’t see yourself ever using a knife for self defense, you better have some simple strategies for surviving a knife attack.

Terrorist around the world have been using knives to wreak havoc on society and I for one want to be prepared if I ever fall victim to their attacks.

Today, I Not Only Want To Help You Out By
Giving You a Free Knife But…
I also want to hook you up with free knife training and only the most effective close-quarters defense tactics

The knife I am going to give you today is one of my favorites!
Even if you don’t use this knife for self defense, you can use it for many other things…  It's so sharp that it cuts paper right out of the box!

If you’re like me, at my age (over 50 now) you don’t want to spend hours in the gym perfecting fancy B.S. moves that take years to perfect!

That’s why I took only the most effective and easiest to learn techniques and put them into an easy to learn progressive system...

Presented on my short video series you can master at home in less than an hour, with practically zero effort…

These aren't just knife fighting moves…

You’ll learn to survive a knife attack, how to quickly end a close-quarters attack where you don’t have time to get to a gun or knife and…

I even give you plan that will give you a fighting chance to survive a gun attack.

Lastly, I'll point you in the right direction, so you can find out what is legal in your state…

The last thing you want to do is defend your home from an attacker and then go to jail, because you used “excessive force”...

I know, sounds crazy... but it's something you better know!

Here is what I want to give you today...

FREE Ancient Fighting Knife
--Limit Supply--
Get Your's Before They're Gone!

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Karambit Knife
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MTech Tactical Karambit Neck Knife
Lightweight and Portable, Features Grommet to Hang Around Neck or Tie Around Leg.
Made of 440 stainless-steal construction
One-piece black finish with integrated finger ring
Black and green G-10 onlay handles. Molded black sheath with belt/pocket clip.
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Free Easily Hidden
Self Protection Tool
Protecting Good People In A Crazy World

You won't know exactly how powerful the knife is until you personally try it. Designed with an integrated finger ring and a grommet and clip to hang around your neck or waste, it is so concealable it will give you an unfair advantage. 

Ergonomic design with clip makes it easy to clip onto your clothes or bag. Except that, this is a perfect tool for self-defense...

The pommel can be used to hit criminals effectively and cause temporary damage. The finger ring makes it more difficult for an attacker to disarm you.... What is more, the butt can also be used to break the glass if your car falls drives in the water or catches fire. As a knife, it was modeled after the deadly tiger claw and has been used over-seas for generations. It's curved design makes it a brutal cutting weapon. It is considered the most deadly knife to wield in a fight. Convenient to carry, it is really a good choice for you. Do not hesitate! Come on!

Bonus Gift #1


A Complete Knife Survival Curriculum For Beginners
*Digital Free Online Digital Access To All The Videos!
How To Quickly Master
The Most Practical & Widely Available Self-Defense Weapon In The World!
Regular Price $77
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This important video will teach you the most critical things you need to know about using a knife for personal protection.
The single most important thing you need to know about using a knife for personal protection...
How to end any fight in seconds with ONE SHOT – no matter who they are – while safely staying far away from your attacker’s reach...
How to pinpoint the most vulnerable targets on your attacker - from any position...
The perfect way to hold your knife when attacking... for maximum effectiveness and so that you don’t accidentally drop the damn thing!
How to use the best angled attacks, targets and strategies that work for any kind of blade... 
How to stop a large man from taking your knife away and using it AGAINST YOU... 
How to end any fight in seconds with ONE SHOT – no matter who they are – while safely staying far away from your attacker’s reach...
How to end any fight in seconds with ONE SHOT – no matter who they are –How to maximize your attacks with a cool “double tap”
Inflict the greatest amount of damage in the shortest amount of time...  while safely staying far away from your attacker’s reach...
Why untrained fighters usually pick the wrong targets for a knife! 
Exactly HOW to attack, WHEN to attack, and WHERE to attack so that you can take a threat out fast (and get the hell out of there!)
Learn the biggest mistakes people make when using a knife for self-defense and how to avoid them.
The single most important thing you need to know about using a knife for personal protection...
Ten reasons why a knife can be a better personal protection choice than a gun... 
How to make a guy “stab himself” with his own knife... 
The biggest mistakes people make when using a knife for self-defense (and how to avoid them)... 
How to beat highly-trained martial artistswith techniques that make it impossible for them to block your knife...
Learn exactly where to attack your opponent to end any fight instantly, no matter how big they are...
Why all knife defenses SUCK… and the real truth about defending yourself against a knife...
What knife “stopping power” is and why you need to know it...
Plus, how to win a fight against clubs and knives...
How to teach your wife and kids the same so they can successfully fight off an attacker... 
And more…
Course Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan, PhD
Scott M. Sullivan Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. and is a professional martial arts trainer with over 25 years of experience teaching the most effective self-defense moves in the world to S.W.A.T., police, military personnel and average citizens. 

Sullivan has over 30 years of experience in studying, training, and teaching knife fighting tactics and has trained extensively in various Filipino martial art styles, widely recognized to be some of the best knife fighting systems in the world.

Dr. Sullivan is also the chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX, he holds a second degree black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, is a former heavyweight kickboxing champion and is the author of numerous best-selling martial arts instructional videos that have sold thousands of copies worldwide.
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Bonus Gift #2

How To Quickly Knock Someone Out
The Easiest, Most Practical Way of Defending Yourself Is Right Here
What Everybody Ought To Know About How To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones By Developing "Fight-Stopping" Knockout Power In Your Fists.
*Digital Free Online Digital Access To All The Videos!
The "How To Knock Someone Out" program is a simple and fast system that shows you how to develop hard-hitting knockout power in your punches for a REAL STREET FIGHT (not a sports contest) 
A knockout punch can DECISIVELY win any fight in an instant. 
Without a doubt, this is why the knockout punch is an important tool to have in every fighter's toolbox.
A knockout punch builds on the natural human reaction to a threat.
Punching is a natural human reaction to a threat. We just take that natural inclination to punch in a fight and develop it.
Knockout punching is a simple and effective method of self defense.
No weird hand contortions or complicated moves here. Just the simple stuff you need to HIT HARD, FAST, AND ACCURATELY.
Regular Price $47
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Made For Beginners: Simple and Easy To Follow
Learn Everything You Need To Know In A Little Over An Hour
As any experienced fighter will tell you - it's better to master just a few simple moves than to "half-ass" your way through a bunch of complicated nonsense. That's why this course teaches you just the simple things that work.

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on self-defense, and you could spend YEARS taking martial arts classes.

Get this simple course that crams everything you need to know about KO punching into a short easy to follow course!
Imagine, walking past a some thugs at a gas station or Wal-Mart with the rock solid confidence that comes from knowing how to take care of yourself.
That's really the main benefit here.

​​​​​​​It's not just about actually winning a fight, but it's also the confidence that comes from knowing that you can.
Here Are Just Some Of The Things
You Are Going To Learn In The
How To Knock Someone Out Bonus Training...

How to throw POWERFUL HOOKS, RIGHT CROSSES, RIPPING UPPERCUTS, HAMMERFISTS, and other "BOMBS" that give you an instant physical and psychological edge over your attacker.
How to punch with proper body mechanics so that your punches land with maximal power. 
How to throw a wicked "overhand right" that comes out of nowhere and will plant any punk on his butt fast so that you can get the hell out of there (he might have friends looking for revenge).
The 3 things you should NEVER do when punching in a street fightMost people have no idea how to throw an effective punch. When stressed they usually "flail" in a wimpy "bitch slap" motion that only strikes the opponent with the soft insides of the wrist and they leave their face completely exposed to a counter blowLearn what all of these mistakes are so you don't make them.
How to hit with PROPERLY and with MAXIMAL damage: This is important because most people have no idea how EASILY YOU CAN BREAK YOUR HAND when hitting a human head (think "bowling ball with teeth"). You need to hit where it counts That means you must aim your punches at critical “sweet spots” so that you can even drop big "muscleheads"with minimal effort.
Learn one simple block in 60 seconds that stops any punch cold. Haymakers, uppercuts, hooks - whatever. It doesn't matter. This one block will stop them.
Learn the critical three-part knockout strategy you need to dramatically increase the "stopping power" of your punches. Throwing the best knockout punch humanly possible ain't as easy as you think. It takes training. But on top of that, you need a strategy that increases your odds of scoring a KO. That's what you will learn here.
How to train with the heavy bag (correctly): Seasoned fighters can spot a "newbie" working the bag in about 3 seconds. They're stiff, awkward, uncoordinated, and waste a lot of precious energy. This video will show you how to work the bag like an experienced pro.
Learn all the other techniques and drills that will teach you how to HIT HARDER, FASTER, and with BETTER ACCURACY on the street.
And so much more...

Bonus Gift #3

The Quickest, Easiest, And Most Practical Way To Become A Highly Educated And Skilled Martial Artist Is Right Here
These courses total HUNDREDS OF HOURS of engaging, educational material with MORE PROGRAMS being added all the time. 
All Taught By Names You Can Trust

You are getting full access to the most comprehensive training academy online so you can take your training even further and have all the tools you need to become a "certified hand to hand bad ass".   

​​​​​​​The Fight Science Lab is loaded with every course we have ever created at FightinStrong.  You'll have full access to over 60 laser focused courses covering all the most crucial disciplines needed to become a COMPLETE combat warrior/Actual Bad Ass!

You're going to get full access to all 60 plus courses for free, if you choose. Don't worry, this is a ZERO risk offer on your end.  I want to be totally upfront with you... You are under no obligation to stay a part of the Fight Science Lab.  Your going to get unfiltered access for a full 14 days!  After the 14 days we will begin charging you the Charter Membership fee of $47/month.

Before you start to stress about being a part of this membership area, I think you should know a couple things.  First you can cancel ANYTIME.  Just shoot us an email or give us a ring and we'll cancel "on the spot" with no questions asked.  Second, we understand that people get busy and if that's that they case and you feel the Lab is not for you just let us know and we'll refund up to 60 days in membership fees.  We only want you in the Fight Science Lab if you see the enormous value it provides! 

All the courses hosted in the Fight Science Lab have been broken up into easy to follow and consume training tools that can be used by long time self defense veterans as well as those with zero background in martial arts and have never even been in a fight.  Our goal is to provide anyone and everyone with a full service training center than they can use as a supplement to any gym training or use as your solo training resource you can perform anywhere and anytime.  

I am over 50 years old, have eight children of my own and know the dangers everyone is potentially exposed to in this world today.  That's why I have created these courses and worked with some of the best instructors in the world to provide our community with the tools the need to walk the streets with confidence knowing they are as prepared as possible to protect themselves and the ones they love.  

I truly hope you take me up on the ZERO RISK offer, I'm 100% confident you won't regret it...

I have put years for effort and work to build this arsenal of training tools for people that value their ability to take care of themselves.  People just like you!  

Total Value Of This Entire Package:
*We Just Ask That You Help Out With The Shipping & Handling On The Knife
Pay Only $9.95 Shipping & Handling
We'll Ship You The Knife & You'll Get
​​​​​​​Immediate Online Digital Only Access To All The Online Training Videos
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Your knife will be shipped right to your address immediately after purchase. You’ll also get unlimited access to the Fight Science Lab for free, for a full 14 days, as well as all the other free training series. Your member login will be sent to your email immediately after purchase – if you have any problems logging in or accessing your materials, contact us directly here: After your free 14-day trial, your subscription will automatically renew for just $47/month until you decide to cancel.
Why "In The World" Would You
​​​​​​​Give All This Away?
Like I mentioned above, I want to help as many people protect themselves and their families as possible.

This is some of the best training along with my favorite self defense weapon...

Heck, I sleep with a folding blade in my pocket most nights.

I am confident that this simple training can help people if I can just get it in their hands...

And that is why I want to take down as many barriers as possible, by giving it all away for free...

You only have to pay the S&H on the knife.

I am also confident that I can bring a lot of hard working honest people into my community and help them out for years to come...

By offering you the training I know can make an immediate impact with you, I also hope to gain a loyal and trusted customer that will continue to be a part of my online community.

So there you go...

That is why I am willing to send you a free knife and not only that...

...but also want to TRAIN you on how to PROPERLY USE it knife in self defense as well as give you training on the quickest and easiest way to end a hand to hand confrontation.

This are some of my most IN DEMAND training courses...  and your getting access to my lab 14 days for free...

You'll see that it is one of the most in-depth "at home" self defense training libraries in the world!

You Must Get This
Right Now... Today!
We will be shutting this offer down as soon as we run out of knives...

Honestly, when we run this offer they fly off the shelves!

I could try to sit here and tell you that you have 24... 48... or 72 hours but...

To tell the turth, it is too hard to keep up with inventory when we run this offer so... 

The best advice I can give you is, ORDER NOW, because we could sell out at any moment and it typically take a while to get them back in...

But even when we do get them back in stock, I don't know when this promotion will fire back up, it could be months!

60-Day "Pissed Off Wife"
100% Money-Back Guarantee
I want to be 100% clear on how this is all going to work...

I don't want your money unless you loving what you bought from us.

If you are unhappy with anything you have bought call us or shoot us an email and we will refund everything, no questions asked.

Even if you love it, but you're wife comes at you with the credit card bill asking "what are these charges".... and you can't convince her how great our stuff is...

You can still contact us and get a 60 Day full money back guarantee.

I want you to feel 100% comfortable ordering from our company and rest assured that if we don't deliver you don't pay!

Even if the 14 day trial passes on the Fight Science Lab and you forget to cancel until you either see the bill come through or get reminded of it by the better half...

We will give you a full "no questions asked" refund for up to 60 days of charges.  

I'm willing to bet that you are going to love what you see with the knife, all the bonuses and especially in the Fight Science Lab  and that's why I am willing to stick my neck out and carry all the risk on this offer...

*We Just Ask That You Help Out With The Shipping & Handling On The Knife
Pay Only $9.95 Shipping & Handling
We'll Ship You The Knife & You'll Get
​​​​​​​Immediate Online Digital Only Access To All The Training Videos
Claim It All Here
You'll Save Over $200 Today
Your knife will be shipped right to your address immediately after purchase. You’ll also get unlimited access to the Fight Science Lab for free, for a full 14 days, as well as all the other free training series. Your member login will be sent to your email immediately after purchase – if you have any problems logging in or accessing your materials, contact us directly here: After your free 14-day trial, your subscription will automatically renew for just $47/month until you decide to cancel.
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