The Self-Defense Bible: Simple Ways To Win A Fight For The "Average Joe"

The Self-Defense Bible is designed to teach beginners the 7 simplest and most effective self-defense moves in the martial arts.

These moves are what the average person needs to know in order to defend themselves or their loved ones in a real world self-defense encounter.

The author of this book is not an attorney, and readers of this book assume all legal liabilities when applying the techniques that are discussed within.

The Self-Defense Bible comes in two formats, an audio book version and an instant download version.

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The Self-Defense Bible Comes In Both Audio, Kindle, and PDF Formats

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FREE DVD: Get The DVD That Goes With This Book... For Free

The Self Defense Video Bible is the FREE DVD video companion to the Self-Defense Bible. 

The purpose of this FREE DVD is to SHOW you the SIMPLEST and most EFFECTIVE ways to put the hurt on your attacker FAST (even if you don’t have a lot of muscle or fighting experience).

You're about to see why size is irrelevant when you know how to use the right moves and why you do NOT need to be black belt, bodybuilder, or any other kind of “tough guy” to be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

You are going to learn how to fight smarter… not harder, with amazing self-defense tactics and moves that work for "regular" people.

The Complete How To Win A Streetfight Program

The How To Win A Streetfight course is the video companion to the Self-Defense Bible. These videos are designed to teach you the simplest and most-effective ways to defend yourself and your loved one's on the street.