The Master Toddy Muay Thai Training Series

Let Master Toddy Personally Take You Into His Gym and Show You How He Trains Champions!


“It’s one thing to learn Muay Thai from the guy down the street, it’s another thing to learn from one of the greatest in the world!”


Meet Master Toddy

Master Thohsaphol Sitiwatjana (aka “Master Toddy”) is arguably the most famous Muay Thai trainer in history. Starting at a very early age, Toddy trained under the legendary Grand Master Ajarn Seri Ramaruud, Grand Master Ajarn Sanong Rakwanid, and Grand Master Ajarn Pansak Ratanaprasit who are renowned Masters in their own rights each having trained many World class Muay Thai fighters.


In England, Master Toddy is known as the father of Muay Thai. His fighters were distinguished champions there and his promotions superb. After running gyms in the UK, Ireland, USA, and Thailand, Master Toddy has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to share with up and coming kickboxers and people who want to improve their Muay Thai skills – and in case you didn’t know…

Master Toddy Is The Trainer Of More Than 40 World Champions!

Included in the list of over 40 world champions trained by Master Toddy are: Maurice Smith, Dale “Apollo” Cook, Ronnie Green, Lisa Howarth, Kash “The Flash” Gill, Kiyotaka Kato, and Howard Brown. Of the new generation of fighters in America, Melchor Menor, Gina Corano, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Phil Baroni, and Stephan Bonnar all rule the ring under Master Toddy’s tutelage. Other WORLD CLASS FIGHTERS trained by Master Toddy are Kevin Ross, Ben Garcia, Kit Cope, Lisa King, and Bob Sapp!



 Now Master Toddy Has Packed His Muay Thai Expertise Into FOUR HOURS of Instructional Video!


Here is a rundown of just some of the material included in this course. You get all of this and more in this 4 DVD set:


Highlights Of This DVD Include:

THE MASTER TODDY STYLE:   Toddy thinks the best way of training is by “Graphic Memory”


7 PUNCHING STRATEGIES:  Learn how to use Toddy’s 7 Punching Strategies to dismantle your opponent!


PROTECT YOUR HEAD:   How to protect your head and counterattack your opponent with without injuring yourself.


THE COBRA PUNCH:  Learn one of Toddy’s favorite moves.
THE TODDY TURTLE: Learn a simple method of defense!


TODDY’S DEFENSE STRATEGY AND TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: Learn how Master Toddy teaches defense and his training philosophy!




Highlights Of This DVD Include:

THE THUMPING FRONT KICK:  Toddy shows you his favorite way of delivering the front kick!


THE LONG AND SHORT DRILL:  Good drill for improving your timing and distancing
KICK TIMING AND DEFENSE:  These drills are sometimes overlooked, but Toddy shows you how to do them correctly!


THE REAL THAI KICK:  These drills contain combinations that will become your go-to combos when the fight is on the line!


FRONT KICK ROUTINE:  Learn Toddy’s methods for throwing the kick!


BODY LANGUAGE TRAINING:  Toddy on how to read the opponent!


MITTS AND PAD POINTERS:  Here Toddy shows how to correct common errors on the pads and mitts!


PADS, LEGS, AND BAGS:  Toddy offers pointers on common techniques






Highlights Of This DVD Include:

TRAINING THE ELBOW:  Toddy’s method of training the elbow strike.


ELBOW DRILLS:  These drills will help make your elbow smooth and sharp.


MUAY THAI CLINCHING  Toddy shows how the clinch should be done.


ELBOW AND CLINCH TRAINING:  A great drill for throwing the elbow and knee from the clinch.


CLINCH COMBAT TRAINING: More Toddy on training the clinch.


ELBOW AND KNEE DRILL: Another great drill for clinch fighting


POSITIONING THE CLINCH: In this section, Toddy troubleshoots common clinch problems






Highlights Of This DVD Include:

KNEE ATTACK:  Land the knee with proper technique and precision!


KILLER KNEE DRILL:  This will not only improve your knee but will give you great cardio.


DEFENSE AND COUNTERING DRILL:  Defend yourself in an offensive way!


THE COUNTER GUARD:  Here Toddy shows more of his defense tactics!
PAD TRAINING WITH TODDY: In this section, Toddy troubleshoots common clinch problems


STRAIGHT LINE ATTACK DRILL: Toddy shows another drill he likes to use


WORLD CLASS SPARRING: Master Toddy on how sparring should look.


MORE TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: Get a piece of Toddy’s mind on training and running a gym.






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