The Magic Formula For Building A Child’s Character: Session 1

If you want to build a young martial artist’s courage in a match…

Or you simply want to develop qualities in young people that lead to success in life…

Then you need to watch this video from our FightinStrong resource library. In this video, I discuss cultivating a strong character through relatable stories for young athletes. No one is perfect, but we help kids grasp the difference between feeling lazy every so often and being a lazy person. By the end of this video, you’ll be armed with the language, tools, and steps to build character-driven athletes at any age.

Here’s what else you’ll discover within this clip:

  • How do you define character? (0:23)
  • Where does character come from? (0:52)
  • The connection between character and tying your shoes (1:30)
  • The ONE thing that determines the kind of person you are (2:17)
  • How do you build habits? (3:40)
  • The magic formula for building a child’s character (4:05)
  • Explaining virtues and vices (5:27)

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan