Taking 100 Percent Responsibility Part 2

Losers push off responsibility because blaming others is easier. So how do you teach athletes to adopt the tough, often uncomfortable virtue of responsibility?

If you’re at a loss for instilling discipline, accountability, and consistent ownership in your athletes…

Or if you just want some insight on how the best minds in the business teach responsibility…

Then you won’t want to miss Part 2 of my taking responsibility series. In this video, we review the essence of accountability and its role as the foundation of elite performance. By the end of this video, you’ll understand how to help athletes adopt a “no excuses” mentality to take control over their lives.

Here’s what else you’ll discover within this video:

  • The secret to winning (1:07)
  • If you want to reach a goal, you have to do the work (2:39)
  • The hard-to-swallow news – no one is coming to your rescue (2:59)
  • What West Point Military Academy tells us about responsibility (3:24)
  • Tricks to developing a “no excuses” mentality (4:23)

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan