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Imagine, mastering the art of low-risk and high percentage takedowns by 3x NCAA All-American Wrestler and coach Jon Trenge.

This is the new “Takedown” series and it contains core wrestling technique and strategies that you can use to the hilt before your competitors catch on!  

Discover the most important techniques, strategies and drills that can give your wrestling an unfair advantage.

This is Jon’s COMPLETE CURRICULUM ON DRAGS, DUCKS, TRIPS AND SWEEPS that give you brain-dead simple ways to quickly expand your grappling arsenal without adding any mind-numbing complexity.

Jon shares an unprecedented look into this world and teaches you the various types of attacks, counters and setups it takes to DOMINATE your opponent.
New Simplified System Helps You Master The Critical Areas of Wrestling
Jon Trenge's Takedown: The Ultimate Guide To Wrestling Drags, Ducks, Trips, And Sweeps
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You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on wrestling, spend HOURS watching YouTube videos, and actually go out and seek great coaches.


Get Jon Trenge's wrestling curriculum that condenses down the most critical skills every wrestler needs to know. You can learn all of this in a couple of hours.

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"Anytime you get a chance to make your opponent a one-legged man, do it! Anytime you get a chance to lift his leg higher, do it!" - Jon Trenge
Jon Trenge is a 3x NCAA All-American and noted wrestling coach who teaches seminars at high schools across the country.
  • A complete system of arm drags and setups.
  •  How to do the circle drag 
  •  How to do the chop drag  
  •  How to do the slap cross the hip to drag from wrist grab.  
  •  The slap drag to single leg takedown
  •  The regrab and drag to single leg takedown.  
  •  How to regrab to drag to single leg takedown against two handed wrist grab
  •  How to do the Russian tie to an inside drag. 
  •  How to push and pick the near foot from Russian or overhook 
  •  How to inside leg kick to score a far foot pick 
  • The inside wrist grab to inside drag and hip from collar ties
  •  How to do the inside chop drag
  •  How to do the inside circle drag 
  •   What if he posts on his head? Swat it down and inside drag! 
  •  The FHA drag from the elbow pull
  •  The boot scoot drag to double leg from chest to chest with over hook 
  •  Chest to chest, over hook slides back to his wrist, to boot scoot drag and double. 
  •  How to use the inside leg throw from chest to chest
  •  How to polish throw from chest to chest.
  •  How to inside trip from chest to chest
  • How to master the duck under for wrestling
  •  How to duck under from double underhooks  
  •  Duck same side from underhooks
  •  Duck the wrist side from overhooks or underhooks  
  •  Russian tie to duck unders
  •  The FHA duck to windshield wind out to rear cradle 
  •  Outside tie and wrist - how to fake a single and duck the elbow side  
  •  The FHA to inside trip on the head side 
  •  The Saitev step from underhook 
  •  How to go from double underhooks to a foot sweep.
Imagine, You Can Get High Level Coaching In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
Jon's training videos are truly some of the best around, and the system he teaches here is simple and FAST to learn so you can implement this information immediately....
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Tons of training hours of research went into this project.
Jon has pulled in some of his favorite training methods for you.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system for building champion wrestlers.
Start simplifying your training and focus on the high return areas.
Widely Recognized And Renowned... 
Wrestler Jon Trenge will teach you his favorite techniques and training methods in this new video series.
Jon Trenge was a 3x All-American (2nd, 2nd, 3rd) and a 3-time EIWA champion in 3 post-seasons, missing the 2001 post-season due to detached and torn retina in February. 

That year, as a r/s freshman, he owned wins vs. the 2001 NCAA 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th place winners. The saga of his senior year in 2004-05 (Lehigh’s best team in more than 30 years) was converted into a popular movie, entitled: “Veritas: The Story of Jon Trenge.” His 5th place finish at the 2004 Olympic Trials is Lehigh’s highest since Bobby Weaver in 1984.

In short, Jon has competed at the highest levels and firmly carved out his place in wrestling history. His highly decorated career has won the hearts of fans and movie critics.
Tested And Proven: The Jon Trenge "Takedown" Series For Wrestlers Is A Shortcut!
Detailed strategies to help you impose your will on the mat.
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Jon has already done the hard work for you. And he has the “mat cred” to back it up. He has used these same moves at the highest levels of grappling time and time again.

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