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The How To Win A Streetfight Program
Simple Ways To Win A Streetfight For The "Average Joe"
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To Win A Streetfight For The "Average Joe"
How To Win A Streetfight
If You Are Worried About Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Physical Assault Then You Need To Read Every Single Word On This Page
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If You Are Worried About Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Physical Assault Then You Need To Read Every Single Word On This Page...
  • Do you sometimes feel nervous when you have to stop at a gas station in a bad part of town?
  • Do you wish you knew how to defend yourself and your loved ones against an assault?
  • Would you like to feel confident in your ability to keep yourself and your family safe if a violent attack happens?
According to the FBI, 1 in 9 people will be robbed, assaulted, raped or murdered at some point in the next 30 years!
The truth is that even in our modern “civilized” society, things can be pretty dangerous. Violent crime, threats of terrorism, road rage, and a ton of other physical dangers seem to be everywhere.

The fact of the matter is that it is very likely that many of you now reading this will become the targets of violence sometime in the future.
Meet BJJ black belt Scott M. Sullivan
Scott M. Sullivan is a seasoned defensive tactics and MMA trainer, black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai coach with over 20 years of experience teaching cops, SWAT team members, military personnel, kickboxers, boxers, professional fighters, MMA fighters, grapplers and thousands of other students how to protect themselves in real-life confrontations.
This How To Win A Streetfight program is a DVD “crash course” designed to teach beginners the most effective street fighting moves around in the shortest amount of time possible.
Are you PHYSICALLY TRAINED AND PREPARED to protect yourself or your loved ones against a violent threat?

The truth is that MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT. Hardly one man in a million has any clue how to defend his family against a home invasion or some other horrific event.

But as the old saying goes "to fail to plan is to plan to fail."! Not doing anything is a bad strategy.

If you’re worried about this kind of thing you are not alone. This is a problem for millions of people today.

If you can relate to this problem, we have the solution..
The Truth About Real World Self-Defense - What Every Man Needs To Know About Winning A Fight With Their Bare Hands
  • How to survive a real fight… even if you don’t have a lot of muscle or fighting experience
  • Great for beginners
  • Clearly explained and easy to follow
  • Learn exactly what to do when you don’t have a gun and there’s no other help around… 
  • Works against larger opponents
  • Why you do NOT need to be black belt, bodybuilder, or any other kind of “tough guy” to be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones
  • Simple “fight stopping” moves for the average man that really work!
  • Clearly explained and easy to follow
  • Step-by-step instruction 
  • Discover why size is irrelevant when you get the right position and know how to use the right moves
  • Documented effectiveness
  • A quick and easy guide to “learn it today and use it tomorrow” self-defense moves that really work for “regular” people
Made For Beginners - Simple And Easy To Follow
What makes this course different is that it’s made for the “average Joe" and is designed to help you:
  • LEARN SIMPLE AND RELIABLE TECHNIQUES THAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO WORK time and time again in real life confrontations, so that you won’t have to worry about their effectiveness.
  • DEVELOP YOUR PHYSICAL ABILITIES like your speed, strength, timing, and explosiveness - even if you don’t have that much athletic ability to start with.
  • REPLACE FLAB WITH MUSCLE and become more “well-built” and muscular. This is good not only for its own sake but also because having a more physically fit appearance sends a clear message to potential attackers that you are a “hard target” and not to be messed with
  • GET A BIG BOOST OF SELF-CONFIDENCE Confidence is a great side benefit of this training because it carries over into every aspect of your life - giving you the respect of others and a new sense of calm.
Scott M. Sullivan is a seasoned defensive tactics and MMA trainer, black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai coach with over 20 years of experience teaching cops, SWAT team members, military personnel, kickboxers, boxers, professional fighters, MMA fighters, grapplers and thousands of other students how to protect themselves in real-life confrontations.
Contains Hours Of Life-Saving Instruction - Learn Things Like
Clearly explained and taught in plain English, a step-by-step course on how to win a streetfight.
Learn how to "hog tie" a man in a helpless position on the ground like this so that you can hit him at will and he can't hit you back
Learn devastating knee strikes and other ways to fight in "close quarter combat" that can be learned in a short amount of time
Critical: Learn multiple ways to "put a man to sleep" (no matter how big they are) from several different positions.
Learn how to tell in advance when he is going to punch you, and how to STOP HIS PUNCH BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS so that you can lock him up in a helpless position.
Get the exercises and workout routines you need to increase your overall strength, size, and athleticism. Not only does this give you a huge physical advantage over your attacker but when you look like a "hard target" you aren't as likely to get attacked in the first place.
  • Get access to full blown eating plans and workout routines for increasing lean muscle mass and reducing fat. It doesn't matter how old you are. You can dramatically become bigger, stronger, faster, and get a huge physical advantage over most attackers through proper training. This video will show you how.
  • The proper way to do a HEAD BUTT to deliver maximum damage without hurting yourself in the process.
  • The ONE ULTIMATE GOAL you need to shoot for EVERY TIME a physical altercation breaks out. This is important. Everything else in this course is designed to set you up for this ONE SPECIFIC ATTACK. (because once you get here - the fight is always over).
  • PROOF THAT THIS STUFF WORKS! We’re not teaching fluff here. Everything taught in this course is backed up by PROOF. In fact you are going to see videos of these moves working in real life encounters so that you can see with your own eyes that this stuff works.
  • How to PUNCH LIKE A TOP RANKED BOXER with POWERFUL HOOKS, RIGHT CROSSES, RIPPING UPPERCUTS, HAMMERFISTS, and other "BOMBS" that give you an instant physical and psychological edge over your attacker.
  • How to instantly embarrass anyone who dares to put you in a headlock. This one super simple move will put you quickly behind your opponent where you can control him with ease. 
  • How to hit PROPERLY while causing MAXIMUM TRAUMA: This is important because most people have no idea how EASILY YOU CAN BREAK YOUR HAND when hitting a human head (think "bowling ball with teeth"). You need to hit where it counts That means you must aim your punches at critical “sweet spots” so that you can even drop big "muscleheads" with minimal effort.
  • Learn a critical three-part knockout strategy you need to dramatically increase the "stopping power" of your punches. Throwing the best knockout punch humanly possible ain't as easy as you think. It takes training. But on top of that, you need a strategy that increases your odds of scoring a KO. That's what you will learn here. 
  • Learn one simple block in 60 seconds that stops any punch cold. Haymakers, uppercuts, hooks - whatever. It doesn't matter. This one block will stop them.
  • The 3 things you should NEVER do when punching in a street fight: Most people have no idea how to throw an effective punch. When stressed they usually "flail" in a wimpy "bitch slap" motion and they leave their face completely exposed to a counter blow. Learn what all of these mistakes are so you don't make them.
  • How to win a fight with kicks that REALLY WORK. We are NOT talking about stupid movie kicks here, but just the simple "man-stopping" kicks that have been proven time and time again to take a man out.
  • Learn the importance of "low line kicking, why it is so effective and how to target these kicks for maximum damage by aiming at certain vital targets.
  • "Fight Stoppers" and other "dirty" ways to fight in CLOSE QUARTER COMBAT so that you can tie him up and hit him but he can't hit you back. Real fights are often close-quarter conflicts. A lot of times you are just “bum rushed” in a parking lot and you don't get a chance to "get ready". So like it or not, almost every fight ends up in a clinch. AND YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO HERE! This section of the course will teach you how to execute simple fight stoppers from the clinch.
  • Why tactics like "biting" and "poking the eyes" are usually NOT a good idea and can actually make things much worse for you.
  • How to use a variety of cool "SLEEPERHOLDS" that can put any big guy "to sleep" in about 5 seconds. These moves work great but you need to know how to do them properly.
  • Why easy to use chokeholds are the best street moves and how you can master them. The various chokeholds are the ultimate “fight ending” moves and absolutely must play a crucial role in any self-defense program. In fact, you'll learn why its a good idea to base your whole self-defense strategy around the choke. But there are two important things to know here, 1) how to do the actual chokes and 2) how to get the correct position to do so. When you know how to “put a guy to sleep” correctly you literally have the power in your hands to neutralize any attacker – no matter what size they are or even if they are doped up on PCP
  • How to choke a guy out even if he is on top of you. This surprise is perfect for the next thug who confidently thinks he has the advantage because you both fell and he landed on top.
  • How to get "fit and ready" for a real-life attack.  While the other videos in this course taught you the technique, here we'll show you how to get the size and athleticism. Make no mistake about it; increased SIZE and ATHLETICISM are very important factors for winning real fights.
  • Exactly what to do when a guy tackles you... and how to win with a simple move even if he does take you down.
  • And a whole lot more...
You'll be glad you know all of this every time you have to walk past some thug on the corner or stop at a gas station in a bad part of town.
    "Face to face" confrontations like this can be extremely dangerous because this is where a "suckerpunch" can take you out in a instant.
  •  In this free bonus video, I'll show you an extremely effective way to shut the suckerpuncher down so that you can STAY SAFE in these "face to face" arguments without looking scared or intimidated (This move works GREAT!)
    To be prepared you need to see what you are up against. You need to look at the reality of fighting right square in the eye. 
  • For this reason, we have included very graphic videos in this course of real life street fights so that you can see firsthand what street violence looks like (it’s not pretty and it’s not at like the movies). You need to see this in order to know where the moves we will show you fit in to the reality.
You need to know this...
Your wife and family needs you to know this...
They are counting on you to be their protector...
Please don't let them down!

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