United States Marine Corps 
​​​​​​​Spring Assisted Knife 
Yes... I Want This Too!

Ok... Ok... 

We admit, we love knives. 

If you love knives as much as us...

We thought you might like this USMC Spring Assisted Folder...

It's perfect for Every Day Carry situations. It's light and tough. 

Robust enough for a soldier and stout enough to go to work with you...

It's the meaning of "Peace Through Superior Firepower..."

Clip this to your pocket or your belt...

You are sending a big message to BAD GUYS...

"Go ahead... Try me..."

This is an Officially licensed US Marine Corps Knife. 

Our knives are built with our country's most elite fighting force in mind: Designed to handle any situation - Forged from top quality functional materials, Precision cut using CNC technology, and Hand assembled for a perfect fit.

The only way this knife lets you down is if you don't buy it...

We have a special deal on these knives...

Grab it today for just $19 and we will throw it in with your oder at no additional shipping or handling cost! 

Click the Red Button Below to ORDER NOW...

This offer expires if you click away from this page!

Yes... I Want This Too!
Thanks, Scott for the great offer but I will pass at this time
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