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The Quickest And 
Easiest Ways To Destroy
 A Man With Your 
Bare Hands!
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The Self-Defense Bible: Simple Ways To
Win A Streetfight For The "Average Joe"
“The next time you have to stop at a gas station in a bad part of town, you’ll be glad you read this book!”
What are you going to do if you are attacked on the street tomorrow? 
Get this FREE book to learn the most HARDCORE, IN-DEPTH, and PRACTICAL ways to defend yourself and your loved ones on the street.
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Learn Life Saving Skills Such As...
How to TAKE ANY ATTACKER OUT in seconds with just ONE SIMPLE MOVE… no matter how big or strong they are (you can learn this move in about 3 minutes)!
Discover the SIMPLEST and most EFFECTIVE ways to put the hurt on your attacker FAST (even if you don’t have a lot of muscle or fighting experience).
Why you do NOT need to be black belt, bodybuilder, or any other kind of “tough guy” to be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones.
How to fight smarter… not harder, with amazing self-defense tactics and moves that work for "regular" people.
Why size is irrelevant when you know how to use the right moves!
A quick and easy guide to “learn it today and use it tomorrow” self-defense moves that really work!
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About The Author:
Scott M. Sullivan, PhD. is a professional martial arts trainer with over 25 years of experience in teaching S.W.A.T., police, military personnel and average citizens the most effective self-defense moves in the world. 

Dr. Sullivan is also the author of numerous best-selling martial arts instructional videos that have sold thousands and thousands of copies worldwide.
The Self-Defense Bible will teach you the most HARDCORE, IN-DEPTH, and PRACTICAL ways to defend yourself and your loved ones on the street.
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