Attention: All Men Age 50 And Up: Here's everything you need to know about keeping yourself and your loved ones SAFE!
Here's The Quickest, Easiest, And Most Effective Way For Any Man Over 50 To Defend Himself Against A Violent Attack!!!
Watch This GRAPHIC Video NOW (Warning: Contains Large Amounts Of Violence)
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The ability to protect yourself and your family is the single most valuable skill you can have…
Would you like to be able to protect your loved ones?
Would you like to feel more confident and secure?

Would you like to gain respect and have more peace of mind?

I thought so. Let me explain...

If you are even remotely interested in learning how to survive a terrifying home invasion, carjacking, “getting jumped”, assault, or terrorist attack then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's why…
This 48 year old man was beaten so badly by some skinny teenagers he needed four metal plates to hold his face together - and all because he politely asked his neighbors to stop their dog from barking! 

Don't let this be you! The Ultimate Self-Defense Shortcut sold on this page will show you the best ways to defend yourself for someone your age!
FACT: The average American has a 1 in 9 chance of being violently assaulted at some point in their lifetime.
"BEAT DOWN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT" - This poor 55 year old man got jumped at an intersection and is now being brutally "grounded and pounded" by a young thug. 

Do NOT let this be you. 

Even if you’ve never trained before or been in a fight in your life - this video will give you the practical skills you need to SAVE YOUR LIFE. 

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You know how it goes. It usually starts small and then escalates fast. 

Some guy starts glaring at you in the Wal-Mart parking lot. 

If you look away you lose face. 

If you stare back, the fight will escalate.

What should you do?

I mean it. 

Honestly, do you have a clue what to do?

Some muscled up guy comes after you, talkin' trash, looking scary as hell... what are you gonna do? 

Or to put it a different way…
What are you going to do when some guy busts down your door and starts kicking your ass?
We're not talking about someone just getting mad at you and calling you names. 

We’re talking about being seriously attacked - brutally assaulted by someone who is trying to kill you.

It happens all the time to normal people just like you.

Here’s the deal. 

If you get what it means to be a man in our world of home invasions, rape, murder, terrorism, and just plain intimidation by felons and other lowlifes, then it’s time to get serious. 

Just because you “want” to protect them isn’t enough. You need to DO something about it. 

The last thing you want is for your wife or girlfriend to think that "My man can't protect me"!

Or for your kids to think…
"SHEER TERROR" - This unfortunate 46 year old man was sucker punched and brutally beaten with numerous witnesses just gawking and shooting video with their phones

Do NOT let this be you.

No matter how good you are right now or what kind of shape you’re in... The simple moves taught on this video will dramatically increase the probability that you will save your life if you are ever physically assaulted like this poor guy here

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“Daddy doesn’t know how to fight...”
Now you may be thinking “I don’t have time to learn how to defend myself” or “I’m too old for that crap”.

And that would be true if you tried the “normal route” so it’s not your fault. 

But still, the fact remains… 


You need a SHORTCUT

You need an equalizer

You need training that’s 



and most all… 


That’s why I made this… 
"SAVAGELY KICKED IN THE HEAD LIKE A FOOTBALL" - This 37 year old father of two was so savagely kicked in the head and beaten by a car thief that his family thought he had been shot in the face.

If you don’t know what to do when you are violently confronted, we want to help

The course listed on this page will teach you a handful of most simple and effective moves you need to know in case you are ever attacked. Click the order button below to get started.

Order now so that you can learn this small but proven set of skills to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

The Ultimate Self Defense Shortcut gives you a competitive advantage in today’s violent world.
The Quickest, Easiest, And Most Practical Way For Any Man Over 50 To Defend Himself Against A Violent Attack Is Right Here…
The Ultimate Self-Defense Shortcut is the perfect solution for any man who wants to learn the SIMPLEST and MOST EFFECTIVE ways to defend himself and his loved ones in the shortest amount of time possible.

This is the only self-defense video in the WORLD designed exclusively for MEN AGE 50 and UP!
The Ultimate Self-Defense Shortcut For Men!!!
How To Stop An Urban Street Attack In Less Than 5 Seconds Even If You Are Over 50, Untrained, Physically Weak, And Have Never Been In A Fight In Your Life
  •  The only self-defense video in the world designed exclusively for middle-aged to older men
  •  Simple and easy to learn 
  •  Made for complete beginners 
  •  No experience needed 
  •  Proven effective 
  •  Works great, even on larger attackers 
  •  Discover the easiest and most effective ways any man age 50 or older can neutralize a younger and stronger attacker 
  •  The perfect solution for anyone who wants to protect himself and his loved ones but doesn’t have time to commit to a long-term program.
The Simplest and Most Effective Self-Defense Program Ever Invented For Men!
I’ve put together this COOL little self-defense video that will help you fight and win against criminals who attack you.

It’s contains moves that will work for ANYONE regardless of size, strength, or previous experience.

And here’s why you need it...

Just because you “want” to protect your loved ones isn’t enough. You need to DO something about it.

You need to…
Learn A Few Simple Fighting Moves
In Case You Are Ever Attacked
Your most important job is to protect the people who depend on you.

How are you EVER going to tell your wife or girlfriend that you just never had time to learn how to fight???

Yeah, I know you’re busy…

But you don’t have to worry about that now because…
SAD TRUTH! Although the father is supposed to be the natural protector of his family, hardly one man in a thousand has the slightest idea about how to defend his home and family against violent attacks.

Think about how horrible you would feel if one of your loved ones were physically violated because of your lack of preparation. 

Do NOT let this happen.

Take. This. Course. Now. There’s no excuse not to. 

You can get through The Ultimate Self-Defense Shortcut program in less than an hour and then you’ll know exactly what it takes to defeat dangerous criminals before they harm you or your family

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We named this course “The Ultimate Self-Defense Shortcut” for a reason. It is SHORT

You can watch this program in a little under an hour and learn these critical things you need to know. 

You see, these really are the EASIEST, SIMPLEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE SELF-DEFENSE TACTICS IN THE WORLD and you need to know them so that you can become more powerful, confident, and able to take care of your family.

And if you’re thinking you can’t do this because you’ve never trained before… you would be WRONG

Prior experience doesn’t matter here because…
We've Made This Training
As Simple As Possible
Become Formidable FAST! Unlike complicated self-defense methods that take years to master, this simplified self-defense program will teach you a proven method for coming out on top.

In fact, we took the time to handpick only the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE fighting moves out there and CRAMMED THEM in to this SHORT easy-to-follow course. 

Are you a smaller or weaker guy? 

Doesn’t’ matter… 

We made sure that everything in this video was easy to use for even smaller people going up against much bigger and stronger attackers. So all of this is really great for you because… 
Every woman naturally wants to feel safe and protected. This course is going to help you make that a reality for her. 

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Look. If you're like most people, you just want the FASTEST way to survive an attack. That's why this course is so frigging impressive. It's easy to learn, it works GREAT even when you're up against big “muscleheads”... 

... and it has been proven to work in the meanest environments in the world

So please understand that you do NOT need to be strong, or skilled, or have any fighting experience at all.  

This course is designed to take the average person and show them how to be a formidable opponent in a just a little under an hour.
About Your Instructor: Scott M. Sullivan, PhD:
Author Of The Ultimate Self-Defense Shortcut
Still teaching and training at age 50, Dr. Scott Sullivan is an experienced martial arts trainer who knows firsthand what it takes for older guys to win when going against younger opponents

More importantly for you, he’s going to share the BEST of that knowledge with you right here in this course.
Scott M. Sullivan Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. and is a professional martial arts trainer with over 25 years of experience teaching the most effective self-defense moves in the world to S.W.A.T., police, military personnel and average citizens.

He holds a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a well - known Muay Thai coach who has trained thousands of students and athletes all over the world.

Scott is a former united states heavyweight kickboxing champion and has appeared on major fight cards in such places as Las Vegas, NV., Tokyo, Japan and Moscow, Russia.

Scott is the owner and chief instructor of Bam Bam Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Houston TX where he helps people become more fit, safe, and happy best version of themselves through martial arts.
As Seen On:
Learn The Simplest And Most
Effective Things To Do In A Fight
Here's just a sample of some  of the things you will learn...
  • The single most important thing you need to know about protecting yourself and your family… 
  •  How any man over 50 can really transform himself into a decent fighter           even if he’s never been in a fight in his life   
  •  How to use a PROVE AND EASY TO FOLLOW - 3 Step “Battle Plan” that can stop any violent attacker in 5 seconds or less… 
  •  How to win a fight without ever throwing a punch
  •  How to feel more confident when things start to get heated 
  • How to develop the physical skills you need for real confidence
  •  Exaclty what to do when someone tries to knock your head off with a “haymaker” punch 
  •  How to be free from unnecessary fear and humiliation  
  •  How to have a new sense of CONFIDENCE
  •  Why middle aged men have to fight more INTELLIGENTLY than younger thugs and how to do it!
  •   How to quickly gain and maintain the ULTIMATE and most DOMINANT position in a fightso that you can attack them but they cannot attack you back!
  •  How to avoid the three most common mistakes in hand to hand combat
  •  Master the one basic self-defense plan that has been PROVEN TO WORK time and time again
  •  The smart man’s guide to personal protection
  •  The #1 rule you need to know when a fight begins… (If you don't know this you'll be done before the fight even starts!)
  •  How to have more PEACE OF MIND
  •  The absolute best way to avoid getting punched in the face 
  •  Why trying to punch or kick a larger attacker is a good way to get yourself knocked out 
  •  How to wisely manage your self-defense strategy so that you don’t get into legal trouble 
  •  How one easy technique completely debunks the myth that you need big muscles to be a good fighter  
  •  The ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to fight anybody that is bigger, stronger and younger than you are 
  •  Exactly what to do if you're fighting a guy who's 6'8", weighs 255 lbs. and boxes better than you do
  •  How to go from a weak and clueless victim to a trained protector in the shortest amount of time possible 
  •  The FEW ESSENTIALS EVER MAN NEEDS TO KNOW about keeping himself and his loved ones safe 
  •  How to NOT look scared or intimidated when someone “gets in your face” 
  •  How and when to use the ULTIMATE FIGHT STOPPER that can take out anyone regardless of size or strength
  •  And much more!!!
Tough As You Think You Are
Most men highly overestimate their own fighting skills while GROSSLY UNDERESTIMATING the combat abilities of others.

Don’t do this!

The truth is that hardly one man in a thousand has the slightest clue how to defend himself and his loved ones in a real life physical altercation.

So don’t try to “reinvent the wheel" by figuring it all out yourself... on your own...
If You Prefer To Go It Alone
You Will Fail… Guaranteed! 
That's what all the other victims thought they could do too and they were wrong.

Think about this...
"CHOKED OUT ON THE SIDEWALK" - This poor 52 year old man had NO IDEA what to do when some young punk grabbed him from behind and CHOKED HIM UNCONSCIOUS. 

Do NOT let this happen to you. 

Click the order button on this page NOW to learn the few essentials every man needs to know about keeping himself and his loved ones safe as well as get a big dose of confidence and have more peace of mind.
13 Stupid Mistakes Most Men Make That Can Get Themselves (Or Their Loved Ones) Really Hurt:
Stupid Mistake #1: 

"I already know how to handle myself."
ANSWER: Yeah right. Don't overestimate yourself dude.

Criminals are far better prepared than you think. They sit around all the time studying UFC and YouTube so that they can pick out the best ways to GET THE JUMP on an average guy like you in a fight. 

A lot of them are pretty darn good at it too, and if they know more than you do they can take your money, have their way with your wife (while you watch), or take your life and hers.

If you want to win you need to be trained. Period.  

Anything else is just an excuse
Stupid Mistake #2: 

"It probably won’t happen to me.”
ANSWER: Bullshit. That’s what every other victim said too

Punks and scumbags love it when people think like this because this is the kind of thinking that keeps them WEAK AND VULNERABLE.

Would you make that same argument for not wearing a seatbelt in a car?

Are you ready to BET THE LIVES OF YOUR LOVED ONES on the hope that it "probably won't happen to you"?

Don't. It's not worth it. 

Plus you'll miss out on all of the confidence and peace of mind you'll have every single day.
Stupid Mistake #3:

"If something happens, I’ll just call the police.”
ANSWER: Did you know that the AVERAGE POLICE RESPONSE TIME to a 911 call is TEN MINUTES?? 

Yep 10 MINUTES! And you can have the total crap beat out of you in about 3-5 seconds.

As the saying goes: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

The cops are NOT your personal bodyguards.  

You can’t just shrug this duty to protect your family off onto the police.  
The truth is that the only person who can do protect you is YOU!
Personally, I wouldn’t attempt this without having a proven, step-by-step guide to follow, and this is especially true if someone else is counting on you to protect them!

We’ve already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). …and we do this stuff for a living!! 

That’s why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into a simple, easy-to-follow plan so that you can duplicate these results in your own life.

So now you don’t have to go it alone!
Double The Fighting Skills You Have Right Now In Less Than An Hour
Older men do NOT have to be weak. With proper training, any man over 50 can have an arsenal of strong and formidable self-defense skills that really work. 

The Ultimate Self-Defense Shortcut is the new proven method designed to help older men successfully fight and win in hand to hand combat against younger, bigger, and stronger attackers. 

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Just Imagine...
  •   Feeling more POWERFUL… 
  •   Gaining RESPECT, admiration, and status 
  •   What it FEELS LIKE to know some of the best fighting moves on the planet...
  •  The SECURITY of realizing that you have made yourself a hard target – likely to be passed over for easier prey...
  •  The PEACE OF MIND you will have knowing that you and your family are safe…
  •  The CONFIDENCE you'll have knowing that you have taken measures to prevent becoming a victim…
  •  Being TRAINED AND PREPARED to help others if needed.
Who this video is not for...
If you are looking for a complete list of every possible fighting tactic under the sun, or if you want the most impressive flashy moves to wow your friends, then this course is NOT for you

This course teaches only the simplest, most basic, straight to the point, badass practical skills everyone needs to know to defend themselves.
You'll Be Glad You Know This Stuff...
  •  Every time you walk down a lonely street at night...
  •  Every time you have to stop at a gas station in a bad part of town 
  •  Every time some scary lookin' dude tries to stare you down and intimidate you...
  •  Every time you walk out to your car in a dark parking lot... 
  •  Every time some “road raged” driver cusses you out and flips you off...
  •  Every time you have car trouble driving through a shady neighborhood 
Do you know what to do if some punk goes after your wife, or climbs in your kid’s bedroom window at night? 

Are you PHYSICALLY TRAINED AND PREPARED to protect yourself or your loved ones against a violent threat? 

If not, then The Self-Defense Shortcut is the PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOU. Click the button below to get your copy.
Normally this program sells for $47, but for a very limited time I’ll let you have instant access to this plan for just $7.
Yep, Just $7
Literally, you can have one of those fancy coffees from Starbucks or you can:
  • Give the woman in your life the protection she deserves
  •  Become a hell of a lot more powerful 
  •  Gain a ton of self-confidence  
  •  Toughen up FAST! 
  •  Gain respect from others 
  •  Have that peace of mind that only comes from knowing how to truly take care of yourself  
  •  Provide better care and protection of your loved ones 
  •  Prevent potentially embarrassing situations
  •  Walk taller with less fear 
  •  Feel better about yourself 
  •  Stop being vulnerable 
  •  Gain a competitive edge over criminals 
Give the woman in your life the protection she deserves. 

Literally, for the cost of one of those fast food meals at McDonalds you can learn a PROVEN METHOD for defending yourself and your loved ones from a viscious attack on the street.

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Interested? Here's Everything You'll Get:
This program normally sells on DVD for $67 but you'll get instant access to the online version for just a fraction of that price.
The Complete Self-Defense Shortcut Course On Video
Instant Lifetime Access to The Ultimate Self Defense Shortcut For Men: How To Quickly And Easily Defend Yourself Against A Violent Attack: Even If You Are Over 50, Untrained, Physically Weak, And Have Never Been In A Fight In Your Life - VIDEO

You'll get instant lifetime access to these videos that you can conveniently watch and re-watch whenever you like.
Follow along with the videos and take notes in this helpful study guide. Having the course in written form like this is also very helpful for a quick review.
The Complete Self Defesne Shortcut Study Guide
Instant Lifetime Access to The Ultimate Self Defense Shortcut For Men: How To Quickly And Easily Defend Yourself Against A Violent Attack: Even If You Are Over 50, Untrained, Physically Weak, And Have Never Been In A Fight In Your Life - STUDY GUIDE

You'll also get instant access to downloadable study guide so that you can follow along with the video and take notes. Having the course like this in written form makes it very easy to review.
Once you complete our 100% safe and secure checkout process, you’ll get instant lifetime access to this entire course on video. Interesting, entertaining, and easy to follow, these videos will be your personal survival mini-course.

This whole course is securely tucked away in our online training area. You can access the course instantly after purchasing online via our secure server. After you complete your purchase, you’ll be able to conveniently login whenever you want and begin watching these videos and learning some of the most important skills of your life 

60-Day Risk-Free
100% Money-Back Guarantee
This is a completely risk free deal. We want to arm you with the best fighting moves on the planet and if you’re not happy we aren’t happy. 

We are so confident that you will love this course that if you don’t like it for any reason at all, let us know and we will happily refund your money no questions asked.
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How To Quickly And Easily Defend Yourself Against A Violent Attack: Even If You Are Over 50, Untrained, Physically Weak, And Have Never Been In A Fight In Your Life
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P.P. S. Every man needs to know how to protect himself and his loved ones. This course will teach you how to do just that. There is more helpful and honest information in this TINY course than you'll get reading a dozen other books; and your enjoyment of the course is 100% guaranteed so you can't possibly lose money. It's a no brainer.
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