Positive Self Image

If you know an athlete who doesn’t have a great self-image now (but you’d like to develop it)…

Or you simply want to harness the power of imagination to cultivate optimism, discipline, and a winning attitude…

Then it’s time to watch our video from the FightinStrong resource library on positive self-image. In this clip, we cover the learned skill of self-image. Your self-image plays a massive role in your success as an athlete. However, no one is born with it. Everyone develops an image of themself as they go through life. Because of that, it’s something we can train, just like the physical aspects of Jiu Jitsu. 

By the end of this video, you’ll leave with an understanding of how to transform self-image and realize your true greatness.

Here’s what else you’ll learn from this video:

  • Clarifying positive self-image (0:28)
  • If you want to be a winner in life, which kind of self-image will help you most? (1:00)
  • The direct relationship between your self-image and performance in any area of life (1:57)
  • What if you can’t see yourself as doing or achieving something? (3:21)
  • Your first action item to build up self-image (4:42)
  • How to use your imagination to cultivate self-image (5:21)

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan