Positive Self Expectancy

If you want to train young minds to expect that things will turn out in their favor…

Or if you want to come up with solutions to problems instead of problems for every solution…

Then you need to watch this video from the FightinStrong resource library on positive self-expectancy. In this clip, I talk about how to avoid being pulled down by negativity and stay optimistic. By the end, you’ll be armed with the tools to expect you’ll achieve difficult goals, regardless of what stands in your way.

Here’s what else you’ll find in this video:

  • What is positive self-expectancy? (1:31)
  • Qualities losers have (and winners avoid) (2:16)
  • What Olympic gold medalists know about self-expectancy (3:17)
  • The two main outcomes of a negative self-expectancy (4:12)
  • Secrets to feeling better NOW and achieving more in life later on (4:48)
  • The first step – use positive self-talk (5:32)
  • You have a choice – do you approach problems as challenges? Or opportunities? (5:56)
  • How to surround yourself with positive motivating messages (6:21)

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan