Positive Self Discipline

…Or doing their homework, their chores, or even getting up in the morning. But productive people do it anyway.

If you want to empower kids to do what’s necessary for success, even when they don’t want to….

Or you want to cultivate the ability to follow through on the goals your athletes set for themselves…

Then you should watch this video from the FightinStrong resource library on positive self-discipline. It’s easy to do things when you feel like it, but things that are important are usually hard and involve practice.

Therefore, to be a true winner in life, you have to show up when you’re tired, bored, or feeling lazy. By the end of this video, you’ll understand why self-discipline has so much to do with greatness, and how you can harness it in your day-to-day life.

Here’s what else you’ll find within this video:

  • The #1 reason parents sign their kids up for martial arts (0:22)
  • Defining self-discipline (1:07)
  • You can set a goal, but if you don’t have the self-discipline, it won’t matter (2:43)
  • The ONE quality that separates the great person from the average (3:44)
  • Signs your athletes are really start to make progress toward your goals (4:28)
  • The biggest takeaway about self-discipline (6:05)
  • The domino effect of putting self-discipline in to practice (7:12)
  • Your action item for building self-discipline at home (7:53)

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan