Positive Self-Control

If you’re a martial artist who wants to take responsibility for your life…

Or you’re a coach looking for action items to develop self-control within your athletes…

Then you have to watch this video from our FightinStrong resource library about positive self-control. Chance events happen. Other people will try to influence you. But mental strength requires command of your own thoughts and actions. By the end of this clip, you’ll understand how to take control of yourself and make the best use of what you have.

Here’s what else you’ll find within this video:

  • What positive self-control is all about (1:30)
  • How to get behind the steering wheel of your own life (2:05)
  • Excuse making is the practice of low achievers – do the opposite (2:54)
  • The quickest way to end up in the losers hall of fame (4:36)
  • An action item – take some time to find areas where you can take control (5:38)

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan