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The Perfect Solution For Anyone Serious About Learning Muay Thai But Who Doesn’t Have The Time Or Money To Travel to Thailand!
Unique Muay Thai Instructional Video From Three Expert
Trainers Shot On Location In Thailand
The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course
Learn The World's Most Powerful Martial Art
Here's A Quick Way To Get World Class Muay Thai Training Without All The Travel
Why are black belts, Jiu Jitsu practitioners, wrestlers, MMA fighters and other serious martial artists everywhere supplementing their training with Muay Thai?

The reason why is because Muay Thai is one of the most AWESOME, POWERFUL, and downright DEVASTATING martial arts on the planet. That means that anyone and everyone who has even a slight passing interest in learning how to protect themselves, get in kick-butt knock-out shape, or even becoming a competitive fighter – needs to do some serious Muay Thai training
And we are here to make that super easy for you. Check this out...
Watch and Learn As Some of the World’s Greatest Muay Thai Minds Force-Feed Their Knowledge Into Your Brain!
The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course: Secrets From Thailand DVD Set
Imagine, Getting Great Muay Thai Instruction From Thailand Right In Your Gym, Garage Or Living Room
Muay Thai Trainer #1
As a former Lumpini champion (one of the largest stadiums in Thailand), Kru “Bee” certainly has a lot of experience and technique to share with you. His gym, located near the mountain village of Pai, Thailand, True Bee Gym is a offers a very picturesque facility as well.
Muay Thai Trainer #2
Kru Den’s kind personality and teaching style can be deceiving. He has over 300 hard Muay Thai matches under his belt and is one that has definitely “walked the walk”. A trainer at Lanna Muay Thai in Chiang Mai for over four years, Kru Den has a lot to teach you about this fantastic martial art.
Muay Thai Trainer #3
How high up the ladder can one go in competitive Muay Thai? Not too much higher than Kru Mongkol! He was ranked the number #1 fighter by both of the “big two” Muay Thai stadiums in Thailand – Lumpini and Rajadamneon! Moreover, his gym Chay Yai, has produced other well known Muay Thai champions. If you’re wanting to learn from an expert, you can’t do any better than Kru Mongkol!
We’re Putting Some Of The Best Trainers In Thailand… Right Smack Dab In Your Living Room!
It is VERY DIFFICULT to find this level of instructional material anywhere in the world, let alone right in your own home!
Just ask yourself, where else can you learn Muay Thai from such a competent group of trainers?
Thai Boxers Can Kick You In the Leg So Hard, You’ll Feel Like Vomiting As Your Leg Turns to Jell-O!
In fact some people have received a BROKEN FEMUR bone (that’s the largest bone in the human body) as a result of a good swift leg kick – and you’ll learn how to do it too from watching this video. Also, there is a whole lot of other stuff on this video as well. Tips on throwing elbows that can cut your opponent like a razor…fight-stopping, gut-wrenching knee strikes that can put your attacker on the ground gasping for air as he lies in a helpless fetal position… as well as a full range of throws from the clinch, takedowns, grips, defense… and well, just a whole lot more stuff than we can list right here. And please don’t misunderstand. We are not in any way advocating violence or harming anyone unnecessarily..
But it’s like that old Marine Corps saying – “Nobody likes to fight, but somebody needs
to know how”!
The Truth About Fighting For Self Defense Or Competition
Look let’s not sugar coat anything here. Fighting is BRUTAL – it sure ain’t golf or playing chess! If you are serious about self defense or winning your next MMA or kickboxing competition, you need stuff that will PUT A MAN ON HIS ASS – PERIOD! Please don’t be offended – that’s just the way the world is. Shopping centers are full of sanitized martial arts “schools” that offer to teach karate, kung for, or tae kwon do for “self defense”.
But most of that stuff does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help you in a real-life fistfight. Get real about your training and take the time to learn something that works. Muay Thai is a TIME-TESTED, BATTLE-PROVEN method of taking a man out. Take A Moment and Think About This… Think about how you KNOW you want to be in better shape and have some real no B.S. butt-kicking skills to go along with it. Think about how you’ll be better equipped to take care of yourself and your wife or girlfriend! You know how the world is. You are out mindin’ your own business, trying to have a nice time or something, next thing you know some jackass is starting some trouble with you. You’d rather not have to deal with this, but the guy is such a COMPLETE JERK there is no other option. You’re going to have put this jerk in his place! This happens every day, time and time again, all over the world. Don’t wait until it happens to YOU (again?) before you step up to the plate NOW and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Heck, even if you don’t ever actually use these skills, even if you never get into one single real life confrontation for the rest of your life – JUST KNOWING THAT YOU CAN WILL MAKE YOU FEEL A HECKUVA LOT MORE STRENGTHENED AND CONFIDENT ABOUT YOURSELF. You’ll be able to walk with assurance knowing that you CAN do something IF the you-know-what hits the fan!
This Set Comes LOADED With Highly
Detailed Footage
Here Is What You Will Learn On This 4 DVD set:
Volume 1: Hard Core Thai Pad Training
Get All This From Some Of The Best Trainers In Thailand!
  • How to get the most from this video
You will improve in the number of combinations you can train with as well as learn how to hold pads like a pro!
  • Combos By Kru Den
How to train various combinations on the pads that will maximize your fighting ability!
  • Goin’ Ballistic
A sweet combination that will really test your coordination!
  • A Round With Kru Bee
See exactly how a former Lumpini champion recommends you train with the pads! If you want to be a champ then do what champs do!
  • Pad Skool
Lean the time tested ways of holding and training with the pads from the trainers at Chay Yai Muay Thai gym.
  • Punching to Low Kick Combos
Kru Bee shows you how to set up low kicks on both of the opponents legs – front and rear!
  • Block Kick, Knee, and Elbow
How to level an opponent who tries to throw a kick at you!
  • Jab, Back Spin Elbow
Hardly anyone expects a back spinning elbow. This move can muster an incredible amount of power. Here’s how you can throw and land yours!
Special note regarding this DVD: Nothing Else Compares To Watching the Best!
We think that the best way to get the most out of training with the Thai Pads is to 1) train with good combinations 2) have a good “feeder” (holder) and 3) do a TON of freestyle work. Now you can only do this through experience and proper instruction. The goal of this video is to teach you how to become a better holder and fighter by way of world class examples.
By watching how the trainers move, hold, strike, and put things together, you’ll be able to take advantage of their training and put it into practice for yourself. This is truly the perfect solution for those who don’t have time or extra money to travel to Thailand and learn it first-hand.
Volume 2: The Intensive Muay Thai Clinch
You'll Be Clinching Like A Pro With These Slick Moves!
  • Countering the Body Clinch
If you’ve never been caught in a body clinch, rest assured that it can really SUCK to get stuck in this thing and while getting pummeled to death with knees. This move will show you ho to to get out!
  • “Snaking” Out of the Body Clinch
Counter the body clinch while preventing your opponent from even getting off a knee against you!
  • 3 Battle Tested Grips
Learn these classic clinch grips that will make your clinch “rock solid”!
  • “Don’t Forget About My Elbow”
Surprise move “right up the middle”! Let your opponent be the one who forgets about this one!
  • Muscle Spikes
PUNISH your opponent’s biceps and thighs with these nasty tricks.
  • “Head Trick”
Rarely seen strong arm tactic that puts your opponent in a VERY VULERNABLE POSITION – making him a virtual “sittin’ duck” for your knees.
  • Neck Grab Counter
A great fighter needs to have flawless ways of dealing with the neck grab! This move is sure to fit the bill.
  • “Off Balancing Drill”
Off-balancing your opponent in the clinch is important for setting up strikes and throws. This drill is the best way we know of for making that skill “second nature”.
  • Using the “Loose Grip”
A currently popular way to clinch – “loosely”. This style of gripping will offer you more flexibility in attack. to help you flow well off of your jab. This style of gripping will offer you more flexibility in attack.
  • Head Wrap and Knee
Catch you next opponent with this move! A great way to trap his head and make him vulernable to a knee!
  • “Clinch Skool”
A masterful example and display of world class clinching. Watch and learn!
  • How to Stop the Head Push
A nice “re-counter” to an opponent who is trying to escape your clinch with the head push.
  • “Head Lift”
You’ll appreciate this safe and simple way to get out of an opponent’s clinch.
  • How to Stop the “Clincher
What are going to do if someone is a better clincher than you? With this strategy you’ll be able to shut down his clinch from the get-go!
  • Defeating the Puncher Tactics
Simple effective tactics that will show you how to use your clinching skills to defeat and disable a “boxing” style opponent.
  • Knee Strategy
All the fundamentlas for delivering powerful, gut-wrenching, melon-busting knee strikes. Straight knees, round knees, flying knees, etc. – it’s all right here.
A good clinch man should have a number of ways of putting a man down in the dirt. Right here, you will learn a vast array of rarely seen methods of getting this accomplished. When you build your arsenal with stuff like the Head Pull Throw, Elbow Lift, Waist Throw, Body Throws, and Knee Dumps you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert clincher yourself!
Volume 3: Crippling Kicks & Elbows
Transform Yourself Into A Serious
Force To Be Reckoned With!
  • Using the Muay Thai Kick
Learn and appreciate these important points when throwing your kick!
  • How to Set Up the Low Kick
Perfect your leg kicking skills and increase your landing percentage with these set-ups!
  • Kicking Fakes
How to fake out your opponent and land that blow of destruction
  • Elbow Overview
All the fundamentals on developing those nasty elbows.
  • Sneaking in the Uppercut Elbow
How to land this sweet surprise.
  • How to Use Kicks to Defeat a Puncher
Facing someone who’s a better boxer than you? You’ll need your legs and a good “kicker’s strategy” in dealing with this guy. Let Kru Bee show you how to handle this situation.
  • Countering the Low Kick
Don’t be a sucker for a low kick! It only takes a few to really hobble you! Train these counters and unleash some surprises on the next guy that tries it!
  • Using the Muay Thai Teep
How to use the front kick in ways you probably haven’t thought of.
  • How to Use the Elbow to Defeat a Puncher
Sometimes a guy who focuses on punching can be WIDE OPEN for a swift elbow shot. Here’s how to do it.
  • Elbow Defense
Crucial stuff here on how to not be on the wrong end of a viscious blow.
  • Grab Kick and Blast
How to take out your enemy after you grab his kick.
  • Underneath Catch and Slam
An advanced way to deal with an opponent’s kick
  • Training the Low Kick
To develop good low kicking skills, you need proper technique and a lot of practice! This section will give you tips on both, as well as getting maximum power out of your kick.
  • How To Set Up the Head Kick
Without a doubt, landing a solid headkick on an opponent is perhaps the most “crowd pleasing” and exciting way to defeat an opponent.
Muay Thai fighters are known for their powerful kicking skills. This is because the Thai’s have really figured out the body mechanics of getting some serious power out of your kicks. And elbows, what can you say except a lot of people are just scared to death of being hit by one. Imagine what your fighting skills will be like and how your confidence will skyrocket, when you’re walkin’ around with the ability to kick and elbow like a professional Muay Thai warrior. Very sweet…
Volume 4: Random Muay Thai
Nuts & Bolts
Take Advantage Of This World Class
Muay Thai Instruction!
  • Range Discussion
How to better understand what technique to use and when to use it.
  • Stance and Footwork
A building is only as strong as its foundation. This shows you how to make sure yours is correct.
  • Lead Leg Save Moves
Good ways to deal with an attacker trying to kick your
lead leg.
  • Invitation to Train in Thailand
Think you can go to fight or just train? Foreigners welcome!
  • Expert Mitt Work
Watch and learn how to hold and “feed” the mitts properly so that you can maximize your partner’s fighting skill.
  • Punch Trip
A good move for self-defense or the ring.
  • Lead-Arm “Superman”
A rarely seen setup!. How to throw a fake that sets up a lead arm “superman punch”!
  • Scoop, Back Spin Elbow
Make an enemy eat your back spin elbow when he doesn’t expect it.
  • Front Leg Sweep Kick
Opponent attacks you, you kick his front leg right out from underneath him and put him down.
  • Dealing with the Front Kick
How to punish your opponent for throwing a front kick at you.
  • How to Punch a “Kicker”
Strategy on how to get inside his kicks and land your fists.
  • All of this and even more
You’ll probably learn stuff here that you would have never seen even if you spent a year in a regular gym.
  • Knee Walking
A nice warmup drill done all the time in Thailand.
It would literally cost you thousands of dollars to travel and get this type of training on your own!!
Sure it would be a great thing to go and train with these guys in their home country, and we highly recommend you do so (they also are very willing to work with foreigners). But frankly, not everyone can take off work or afford such a trip. Now you don’t have to worry about that. This series is designed for you to get the next best thing – professional Muay Thai training from Thailand without even walking out your front door! That’s what this is all about.
If you don’t learn Muay Thai from this set,
then ask yourself, how do you plan on learning it?
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