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When In Doubt... Choke 'em out
How to Employ an arsenal of "Sleeperholds" That Require No Strength But Can Easily Manhandle
and Press Out The Toughest of Thugs and Force Even The "Big Guys" To Sleep Like a Baby
Empower Yourself With The New Stranglehold
DVD System!!!
Scott Sullivan’s "Sleeperhold"
Take away a man’s consciousness and you take away
his ability to fight too!
Are You Ready To Be Educated and “Schooled” In The Highly Effective Art of “Strangles”, “Chokes” and “Sleepers”?

Take away a man’s legs, and you take away his ability to fight too! The ability to apply leglocks quickly and correctly will make you an awesome and feared force to be reckoned with. Nobody, not even skillled grapplers, likes to go against a “leglock freak” because these things can come out of nowhere and end a match or fight in the blink of an eye.
Without a doubt, strangleholds are THE MOST POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE
Take away a man’s consciousness and you take away his ability to fight too!
The ability to apply chokeholds quickly and correctly will make you a formidable person to be reckoned with. Nobody likes to go against a good “chokeout artist” – these things can end a fight in the blink of an eye.
Meet black belt Scott Sullivan’s
Now You Can Learn The Most Effective “Sleeperhold” Techniques
In the World – Right In Your Own Home!
Scott “Bam Bam” Sullivan is a professional MMA instructor, black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, experienced Muay Thai instructor, and is the owner and chief instuctor of Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX.

The author of numerous other popular DVDs that have sold in large numbers all over the planet, Scott knows how to BOTH teach real life effective No B.S. martial arts technique and to convey that teaching effectively through video.

Scott has been training in submisson grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and shoot wrestling (shooto) for over 15 years and has been a long time student of various stranglehold techniques. Now Scott has put all of his favorite “chokehold” moves in this new easy-to-follow course.
This techniques shown in this video series are based on over a decade of grappling experience, development and experimentation. Scott will show you what has found to be the best ways to get the most effective chokes out there.
“Sleeperhold” Techniques Are The “800 Pound Gorilla” of the Martial Arts World!
This course will teach you step-by-step, from A to Z, everything
you need to know to “Put Your Opponent Into La-La Land”
“Strangleholds” Are Without A Doubt The Best Way To Defeat Bigger & Stronger Opponents
Strangleholds Give You The Power To Quickly Dispatch and Incapacitate A Man With Just The Right Technique and a Small Amount Of Pressure.

When done properly, they do not require a lot of muscle and they are pretty darn easy to learn and put to use!
This makes chokeholds unique, in that there is no other method that is as certain to take a man out as a good choke.

Here we have techniques that are easy to learn, require little strength, catch many people totally off guard and are very effective at stopping a 100% fully resisting attacker.

Make no mistake about it. Knowing how to properly apply strangleholds can be a great tool to add to you arsenal.

In fact, we think there are a whole host of good reasons for why every person interested in fighting or self defense should bone up their chokehold attacks:
“Chokeholds”, “Strangleholds” or “Sleeperholds”- Whatever You Call It, Here are 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Learn Everything You Can About Them
  • Sleeperholds Take Absolutely No Strength To Use
Chokeholds rely primarily on proper technique, positioning, and a little speed! You don’t need to be a brute of a man or muscle bound to make these things work. Truthfully, a weak man can absolutely choke out a much larger and stronger opponent with the right training. It has been done by numerous people TIME AND TIME AGAIN.
  • Sleeperholds Do Not Rely On Pain Compliance
Moves that rely on “pain compliance” are problematic! Punching and kicking can be fine if you are well trained, to be sure, but unless you are able to score that unusual knockout, the effectiveness of this tactic is limited to making the opponent willfully “quit” because of pain. THE PROBLEM WITH THIS APPROACH IS OBVIOUS! For when dealing with really tough attackers, or attackers on drugs, THEY ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT COMPLY JUST BECAUSE OF THE PAIN FROM YOUR “KARATE KICKS”. THEY WILL KEEP COMING AT YOU!! You need something like a chokehold to fall back on. SLEEPERHOLDS WILL TAKE HIM OUT OF COMMISSION WHETHER HE “WANTS” TO COMPLY OR NOT!
  • Sleeperholds Are Easy To Learn
Without a doubt, learning chokeholds is the most efficient way of using your “martial arts training time”. Not only are these techniques SUPER EFFECTIVE, but they also are really easy to learn. When compared to developing your punching and kicking skills, training in sleeperholds is much easier and less time consuming. For example, it takes hours and hours to learn how to throw a good kick, but a rear naked choke can be learned in one lesson! This sort of “bang for your buck” efficiency is unmatched in the martial arts world!
  • Sleeperholds Work Great Against Larger Opponents
Chokeholds are a great “equalizer” because they attack a very vulnerable part of the opponent’s body – his neck! Once they are locked in it is very, very difficult for even a strong man to escape from them. Taking no strength to use effectively, the choke can then completely render even a beast of a man totally unconscious in just seconds! This is perhaps the best way for a smaller person to deal with a larger opponent – much better than punching and kicking!
  • Sleeperholds Can Instantly Stop A Fight
Unlike punches and kicks that most often miss or do not land squarely, chokeholds put a man out of commission in seconds. Size and strength and how “tough” his jaw is does not matter. There is such a thing as “being able to take a punch” but THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “BEING ABLE TO TAKE A CHOKE”. Nobody can just grit their teeth and tough their way through a good choke – NOBODY!! CHOKES PUT THEM OUT NO MATTER HOW TOUGH THEY ARE! When your life is on the line, that’s exactly what you want – something “sure” to stop your attacker! 
Grappling chokeholds are typically categorized as either “air chokes” or “blood chokes”.

“Air chokes” primarily attack the airway and principally interfere with breathing, causing asphyxia and unconciousness. These types of chokes are typically considered the less safe of the two because they can fracture the larynx.
“Blood chokes” (aka “sleeper holds”) on the other hand work by primarily compressing the carotid arteries and/or jugular vein which causes a sort of “mini-stroke” (cerebral ischemia) and a temporary lack of oxygen in the brain). This type of choke can cause unconciousness very quickly, in a matter of seconds if done by a skilled choke artist. Yes, you heard it correctly, a skilled person applying a blood choke can cause:
BOTH TYPES OF CHOKES CAN BE VERY EFFECTIVE FOR SELF DEFENSE. This course teaches both but focuses primarily on the blood choke.
Chokes are very powerful and with power comes responsibility –
please use responsibly and always in accord with the law.
No doubt about it, when you are properly “schooled” in the art of chokehold techniques, you become a dangerous force to be reckoned with.
This Set Comes LOADED With Highly
Detailed Footage
Here are some of the highlights contained in this series:
the Peruvian Necktie DVD #1
Learn Drill on No-Gi Choke Transitioning
The “Peruvian Necktie” is a flashy but potentially powerful way to take a man out. When done properly, this move can cut off the blood flow to the head, momentarily causing them to pass out into unconciousness. But the details of the move are important, as this is not exactly a basic choke. Time and dedication and of course proper technique in practice are required to make this an effective option for your ground game. Also included are NO GI CHOKE COMBINATION DRILLS to help you improve your ability to attack with speed and variation.
  • Ways To Stop Common Escape Attempts
How to PROPERLY deal with common escape attempts when you attempt a Peruvian necktie.
  • “Peruvian Attack Options”
Its always nice to surprise your opponents and be unpredictable. How to pull off a slick armlock, back triangle, or rear naked choke from the “Peruvian position”
  • “2 Deadly Cousins”
This is a Brabo – Anaconda Choke combination made into a drill. Learn how to execute these chokes in a combination with clean, fluid and crisp transitioning between them.
  • Troubleshooting the Peruvian Necktie
IMPORTANT! Learn the ONE COMMON “sticking point” with this choke that gives people trouble and a way to solve this problem.
  • The “Peruvian Burnout Drill”
DRILL DRILL DRILL to perfection! This is the best way we know of to really get this choke down pat.
  • The Peruvian “Master Flow”
How to flow smoothly and seamlessly through various attack options and build your reflexes at the same time. Drills like this are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at improving your attacking speed and coordination!
  • The 5 No-Gi Choke Flow
Learn how to seamlessly flow between 5 different chokes: the Anaconda, the full Guillotine, the “flash Guillotine”, the Brabo, and the Rear Naked Choke.
The Guillotine & Rear Naked Choke DVD #2
Rarely Taught Tips On These Important Moves
The Guillotine and Rear Naked Choke are standard nuts and bolts kinds of moves that anybody whose serious about real fighting needs to have down and mastered.

THESE ARE TWO OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MOVES IN “EMPTY HAND FIGHTING”!! So you shouldn’t be dinking and FUMBLING AROUND with a half-learned/half practiced “kinda wrap like this and sorta squeeze like this and then maybe probably he will get a little woozy-sleepy” nonsense.

Learn these CRUCIAL moves – LEARN THEM RIGHT AND LEARN THEM WELL! You should know these two moves so well you can do them in your sleep. If you have to think about it you don’t know it well enough. If you are not 100% sure and confident you know how to do them – you don’t know them well enough. If your partner doesn’t TAP INSTANTLY from your rear naked choke – you don’t know it well enough.
  • The “Classic” Guillotine
Get the fundamentals and errors to avoid on this useful choke. Learn the grips, positioning and everything else needed to get it down pat. Nuff said.
  • How to Do The Flash Guillotine From The Thai Clinch
Get a fast choke from this commonly found position.
  • The Rear Naked Choke
(the “RNC” in detail) – what makes this move work well with the least amount of effort – all technique and no need for strength. Learn the 3 keys to success with this technique. When you master these, you will have what we call a “4 second choke”, meaning that you will be able to pass someone out into complete unconsciousness in less than 5 seconds.
  • How to Get a Flash Guillotine From The Single Leg
This move is a great complement to a standard crossface. if a opponent knows how to single leg and avoid the crossface, you can still get ‘em with this guillotine.
  • The Modified But Simple “Real” Arm Drag
Learn why the standard “arm drag” taught in grappling classes is “hazardous to your health” in many situations. This MODIFIED ARM DRAG is perhaps one of the best ways to get a RNC and possibly one of the simplest and most effective moves you can know for real life self defense on the street.
  • The Arm Trapping “Hogtie” Sweep
How to wrap up a puncher on top of you and reverse him right into your RNC
  • The “Flash” Guillotine:
Also known as the “ten finger guillotine” we think this is a quicker and “higher percentage” choke than the commonly used classic guillotine.
  • How to Get a Flash Guillotine From Your Butterfly Guard
A very quick choke you can catch your opponent with when you happen to be on the bottom!
  • How To Really Do the Rear Naked Choke: Straight from “Rickson’s Garage”
Scott will show you the 3 tips on the RNC that he personally learned from Rickson Gracie, one of the greatest Jiu Jitsu fighters of all time.
  • 3 Ways to Expose the Neck to the Rear Naked Choke
If a guy knows better, he’s going to tighten his chin down so you can’t sink your choke in. Here we show you 3 very simple ways to deal with this situation, a “friendly” solution, a “less friendly” solution, and a completely “unfriendly” alternative.
  • Back Mounting Tips
Using the hooks, the body triangle, how to counter the overscissors footlock, and the very tight “seatbelt grip” (itself strong enough to maintain the back mount even without hooks).
  • The “Piano Wire” Move
When your rear naked choke fails because your opponent tucks his chin, you can still catch him in this devastating “piano wire” move that is really powerful and effective.
How To Get the Rear Naked Choke When An Opponent Is Hitting You From The Guard

It’s one thing to know how to do a choke properly, but getting into that position is a whole another problem. In this section, we’ll show you how to get the rear naked choke when a bad guy is on top of you trying to punch your face.

A favorite from this position is the “hand wrap” setup – a simple, very strong and high percentage move that uses his trapped wrist and elbow like a “joystick” to play him right into position
The Brabo & Anaconda Choke DVD #3
Learn Important Setups and Follow Ups
The Brabo and Anaconda Choke are two chokes that you sometimes might not see that often but are powerful fight-stopping chokes nevertheless.

This DVD will take you from A to Z and show you the basics of these moves as well as more advanced applications.

You’ll have everything you need right here to start using these very potent chokes in no time. You’ll learn not only how to do the moves themselves, but also important ways to set them up and what to do if your attack fails.
  • Brabo Choke Fundamentals 101
Learn how to use this choke. The importance of shoving his head in and sticking your arm in deep and the key relationship between his shoulder and face as well as the ideal position for his body why that matters for a successful Brabo.
  • Brabo Choke from Failed Kimura
It happens all the time. You go for a Kimura from side control and your opponent counters by locking up his hands. Here we show you how to catch him in a Brabo choke when he tries this.
  • How To Use “The Dump”
This is perhaps the easiest way to learn and apply the Brabo choke. Learn it STEP BY STEP and you will have a much better success rate with this choke.
  • Brabo Choke From North-South
How to scoop his arm and basically crunch his face uncomfortably while you ratchet in a very tight Brabo choke.
  • Entries into The Anaconda Choke
Learn how to take advantage of the ability to go “both ways” with this choke with “the anaconda roll” or the “sit through”.
  • How To Use the Anaconda Choke As A Follow Up to A Failed Brabo Choke –
Experienced grapplers know how important follow ups are. When one move doesn’t work it is a good idea to use something else quickly and take advantage of the new situation. This is how to use an Anaconda choke as a follow up to a failed Brabo.
  • Open Him Up With “The Tractor”
Sometimes it can be hard to use the Brabo if your
opponent balls up tight. We recommend using “The
Tractor” to help open him up and make him more
vulnerable to the choke! Learn how to apply this move right here.
  • Anaconda Choke Fundamentals 101
The basics are sooo important. Mess that up and the rest of your attempts will be futile. Here you will learn the fundamental details on the anaconda choke and the errors you should avoid.
  • The “North-South” Choke
You’ll love this unorthodox choke with a guillotine type grip. This choke works as stand alone or from a failed Brabo choke.
  • How To Use “The Tractor” and “The Dump” to Setup the Anaconda Choke
The “Tractor” and “The Dump” work not only for the Brabo, but can also be slick setups for the Anaconda choke as well.
  • The Anaconda Speed and Reaction Drill
Drillling is one of those things that really aids your ability to perform a move quickly and with correctness. This is the drill we recommend for whipping out a good Anaconda choke in the blink of an eye!
  • The “Deadly Family” Choke Theory
How to use and attack with a Peruvian Necktie, a Brabo Choke, and an Anaconda Choke one at a time or in combination. This is a deadly “family” of chokes that “flow” nicely together. Great for surprise or follow up attacks.
Wicked Gi Chokes II DVD #4 & #5
Great For Sport Or Self Defense!
This DVD really give you a SOLID foundation in the art of ” gi chokes” (chokes that strangle a person with their clothing).

Do not make the mistake of underestimating this aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, for gi chokes don’t just work on “gis”. That’s the problem with a lot of people. A lot of grapplers think that “no-gi” is somehow “automatically” more realistic because MMA is realistic.
Look, gi chokes work on CLOTHING! Yeah – real everyday kind of clothing. T-shirts, jackets, sport coats, bathrobes, vests, dirty sleeveless “wife beater” shirts – you name it. If your opponent has almost any kind of upper body clothing on at all – YOU CAN CHOKE HIS ASS WITH IT.
Train At Least 50% With The Gi, Or Get Choked On The Street By Someone Who Does.
SELF DEFENSE and are probably the most underrated
techniques in all of martial arts.
So don’t neglect them. Gi chokes are STRONG and VERY ABLE to take out even the most determined of fighters. Don’t buy into that “MMA mindset” that gi chokes are not for real fighting. Most of your opponents on “the street” will be wearing clothing of some kind – and if you have a good background in gi chokes you will be able to CAPITALIZE on that fact and lay a fight ending choke on them so fast they won’t know what hit ‘em!
  • Gi Choking Fundamentals
The great football coach Vince Lombardi’s philosophy of success was that success is found through the mastery of basic skills. It’s really most often the basics that wins fights. Basic techniques well practiced and well learned and executed with speed is the key to victory in almost every athletic competition.The same is true for martial arts. Here we show you the basics of gi choking. Learn the Cross Choke, Rear Collar Choke, and 2 Ezekiel Chokes: These are those “bread and butter” chokes that everyone should know how to do properly.
  • “Two Tribes” Attack
These are the kinds of moves that everyone should love – highly effective and rarely seen.The “Commanche” and the “Apache” chokes are 2 very sneaky and highly powerful chokes that work from a variety of positions – one being from INSIDE HIS GUARD! Not even the cavalry can help your opponent if you catch him with one of these bad boys!
  • The Clock Choke (with additional Unorthodox Clock Choke Grips)
Here we show you various versions of the “clock choke” along with a flowing drill and detailed hand placement.
  • The “Baseball Choke”
Learn some tips on how to use this extremely powerful choke We’ll show you a variation on this that may be one of the strongest gi chokes around
  • The Walk Around Choke Clinic
The “walk around choke” is a series of 2 slick chokes that can come with deadly speed.What is good about these chokes is that that aren’t taught that often, which means that they stand a much higher chance of catching someone by surprise – even against guys who have a BJJ background.So if you’re in the unfortunate situation of being out one night fighting for your life in some dark alley, and rolling around in “the mud, and the blood, and the beer“– its knowing moves like this that can make the difference on whether or not you make it home that night.
  • The “Fist Choke”
Simple and sweet. Its amazing how much power the wrists really have when placed in a proper position. The leverage is amazing and strong enough to take a man out with a simply “flick of the wrist”!
  • The “Backdoor” Choke
Wrap and immobilize his arm and set him up to fall right into your “trap” of a fight ending sleeperhold!
  • How To Do The “Arm Trap” Choke
An easy way to bait and trap your opponent – suckering him in to a helpless position.
  • The “Tag Choke”
This is a rarely seen way to choke your opponent from the guard.
The material taught here does not assume you have had any previous training in grappling or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Rather this set takes you from the very basics and progresses from there in an easy to follow manner.
This is not just an average DVD set… and let us tell you why.

First of all there is a lot of content here. These 5 DVDs will give you nearly 3 HOURS OF HARD CORE NO B.S. INSTRUCTION in these highly potent submissions.

Also, we have added a WHOLE TON of helpful instructional tips throughout the video. This will help you memorize and emphasize the most important points during the instruction.

All of this will greatly enhance your viewing and learning experience.
Never under any circumstances hold a choke too long and always be looking for your partner to tap when training.
Chokes must be practiced with safety in mind.


Please check with your doctor to ensure your health before assuming this training and also check with all local laws and even consult a legal professional to know your limits in using chokeholds in a self defense situation.
With power comes responsibility – practice with care.
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After mastering the material on this course, you will be able to apply a wide variety of chokehold techniques from numerous positions – standing or on the ground.

We can’t emphasize enough how important that skill is for you.

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