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Strategies For Inflicting Maximum Punishment!
4 World Class Muay Thai Fighters And Trainers Teach
Effective and Easy to Implement Teachniques and Drills
“PUNISHMENT”: New Devastating Striking
Techniques and Drills
This video contains 3 DVDs worth of instructional material on the martial art of Muay Thai. Unlike of footage you may have seen in the past, the trainers in this video have a tremendous amount of teaching and competitive experience.
Kevin “Soul Assassin” Ross “Punishment"
Kevin’s level of expertise is hard to match and now YOU can benefit from his personal instruction
Meet Kevin “Soul Assassin” Ross
“Punishment” Muay Thai Trainers:
Considered by some to be the best pound for pound Muay Thai fighter in North America, Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross is well known American Muay Thai fighter currently ranked #14 in the world by the WBC for Muay Thai in the Super-Lightweight Division. Kevin has won the super lightweight WBC International Muay Thai championship, the welterweight WBC USA national championship Muay Thai title, and the US Muay Thai Federation Welterweight championship.

Kevin is not just a great fighter, but he is also a great teacher with a down to earth, “easy to follow” style of teaching.
Kevin’s level of expertise is hard to match and now YOU can benefit from his personal instruction.
Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington
Cyrus “Black Dynamite” Washington is a veteran Muay Thai fighter from Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket with a ton of experience having fought all around the world.

Cyrus has also served as the striking coach for top MMA fighters like Roger Huerta and Frankie Edgar.
Michael Corley
Michael Corley is the former Camp Manager of Fairtex Bangplee, Thailand and a Professional Muay Thai Fighter with over 35 international fights to include Canada, Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia, and competed in the most prestigious venue in the sports home of Thailand, the Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok.

Having lived and trained in Thailand for an extended period of time, Michael also fought on the 08′ USA Muay Thai Team in Korea, the 09′ USA Muay Thai Team to Thailand, and has fought on WMC Challenger Qualifier in Pattaya on CH 9 Thailand as well as in the 1st Thailand Super Fight Series in Baan Klang Stadium.
Kru Robert Perez
Robert “Bob” Perez has almost three decades of combative sports experience. He is the head striking coach at 4 oz .Fight Club and has trained over twenty champions.

Originally schooled under Kru Pong of Thailand, Bob is especially Bob is quickly becoming regarded as one of the best striking coaches in MMA. Robert has been selected as Texas MMA trainer of the year on multiple occasions, and has been recognized as Kru by the Sports Authority of Thailand
“PUNISHMENT”: New Devastating Striking Techniques and Drills
Here is a rundown of just some of the material included in this course.
You get all of this and more in this 3 DVD set:

Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • CLINCH ENTERING: The easiest way to enter the clinch without taking damage.
  • ATTACK FROM THE INSIDE/INSIDE TIE UP: Take advantage and expose the opponent to your attack.
  • MATCH TEEP AGAINST PUNCH: Great drill for training the legs to stop a puncher.
  • ELBOW INTO LEG KICK: Great way to setup a leg kick
  • INSIDE LOW KICK STRATEGIES: Tips on how to best use the inside low kick
  • ADVANCED PUNCH COUNTER SEQUENCE: Advanced attack for the more experienced
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • LEG CHECKING: How to check an opponent’s kicks while reducing risk
  • PROTECTING THE HEAD: Important stuff on how to keep your head safe!
  • PENETRATE AND LEAD ELBOW: Surprise “cutting” elbow attack.
  • CLINCH WAIST THROW: Great slam from the clinch
  • THE KEVIN ROSS SWITCH KICK: Kevin’s details on how to “hide” your left switch kick.
  • DECEPTIVE KNEE: Ross’ advice on how to “hide” your knees
  • DECEPTIVE SWITCH KICK TO LEG ATTACK: Using the deceptive switch to attack the legs
  • HIDING THE RIGHT LEG KICK: How to set up a deceptive kick.
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • HOPPING INTO THE LEG KICK: Get power at close range.
  • FOOTWORK TO KICKING THE BACK LEG: A slick and relatively unorthodox attack to an opponent’s rear leg.
  • KICKING OUT THE LEG KICK: Generate additional power when you throw your kick from this strange angle
  • KICK SWEEP OFF THE BLOCK: This move can put a guy on his a$$ when he tries to block your kick.
  • SWITCH GRIP AND SWEEP: How to execute a powerful slam and punish him for trying to kick you.
  • KNEE RELEASE FROM GRABBED KICK: Nice trick for when an opponent grabs your kick.
  • ZONING OFF: One of the marks of an advanced fighter is the ability to fight from angles.
  • ELBOW SETUPS: How to throw an elbow like a pro.
Expand Your Muay Thai Arsenal
  • The techniques taught in PUNISHMENT are a great way to expand your current Muay Thai knowledge and arsenal.
  • The trainers in this series have an immense amount of experience that when taken collectively, is very hard to match.
  • For this reason, this video series is a convenient and affordable way to pick up on techniques and training methods that would be difficult to acquire on your own.
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