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How To Become An Expert Counterattacker And Flat Out Punish
Your Opponent, No Matter What He Tries To Do!
Learn Important Muay Thai Counterattacking Moves and Strategies!
Introducing The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course
“Special Topics” Series
Scott Sullivan’s " Special Topics"
The New Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course:
Special Topics Contains Everything You See Below:
BRAND NEW INSTRUCTION WITH ALL NEW FOOTAGE!!! Another Highly Informative Addition to the Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course!
As we always say, Muay Thai is one of the most AWESOME, POWERFUL, and downright DEVASTATING martial arts on the planet. That means that anyone and everyone who has even a slight passing interest in learning how to protect themselves, get in kick-butt knock-out shape, or even becoming a competitive fighter – needs to sit up and take notice right now. It really doesn’t matter if you are interested in self-defense, or you just want to get into some sort of MMA, kickboxing, or Muay Thai competition. You have someone, an ATTACKER, in all of these situations. And we’re here to tell you that right now this is the PERFECT CHANCE for you to learn PROVEN and TIME-TESTED ways for dealing with that attacker.
Meet black belt Scott Sullivan’s
The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course: Special Topics
Scott “Bam Bam” Sullivan is the creator and founder of The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course DVD training series.
The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course is the creation of Kru Scott “Bam Bam” Sullivan, former heavyweight kickboxing and shootboxing champion, and owner and chief instructor at Bam Bam Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts Center in Houston, TX. The original Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course is a VERY POPULAR PROGRAM that is SELLING AN INCREDIBLE amount of copies to martial arts enthusiasts all over the world. Students in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, France, Australia, Canada, and a host of other countries have already reaped its benefits and have attested to their great satisfaction with this course. In every series of the Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course, we try to give you the best training information we can to help you improve your skills and grow in the art of Muay Thai, all while having the great convenience of being able to train in your own home!
This is the 4th addition now to The Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course and, as always, it contains A TON of new training information.
We like to do something different in every set we make. In this “Special Topics
series, we cover the art of COUNTERATTACKING:
The Art Of Counterattack – How to Use the Best Strategy To Defeat Certain Fighting Styles and Take Advantage of Your Opponent’s Openings!
You cannot score a blow on an opponent UNLESS YOU HAVE AN OPENING. No opening means no landing a blow for you. Period. When you initiate an attack, your opponent has his best chance of defending against your attack, because he is “ready” and not doing anything else. His focus is totally on you! With counterattacking it’s different.
When you wait for an opponent to attack or do something, then he OPENS HIMSELF UP TO BE COUNTERED and HIS MIND IS FOCUSED ON OTHER THINGS. With counterattacking, you can hit him when he is in this “multi-tasking” mode, increasing your chance of success. Also important in counterattacking is HOW TO DEAL WITH DIFFERENT FIGHTING STYLES. Some guys prefer to kick, other guys prefer to clinch, still other guys like to box. It all depends! And all of these preferences have the advantages, but, THEY ALSO HAVE THEIR DISADVANTAGES. Knowing how to fight different styles of fighter and deal with their particular strategies is really important for your success.
Six Good Reasons Why You Must Learn Everything You Possibly Can About Leglocks
The New Complete Muay Thai Home Study Course:
Special Topics Contains Everything You See Below:
Special Topics: How To Beat A Kicker 2
A Lesson On How To Use Punching Skills to
Beat a Kicker and Clincher!
Having good boxing skills can be an awesome asset for fighting.In fact, a recent study showed that most MMA fights are won by punching. Make no mistake about it, if you want to maximize your fighting skills, you need to maximize your hand skills! The problem is that unless you train properly, it can be very difficult to apply your punching skills in a Thai boxing/kickboxing/MMA context. muay thai mitts The reason is RANGE. Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA and streetfighting all allow weapons and 
ranges that are illegal in standard boxing. The weapons used at kicking and clinching range (kicks, knees and elbows) can totally nullify your punching attacks. Be forewarned – unless you know how to deal with this problem, your ability to use your punches in these contexts will be greatly comprimised. These videos will give you drills and techniques you need to SMASH AND DESTROY your opponent’s kicking and clinching counters and maximize your punching skills.
  • Step Away and Knock ‘Em Out
A good way to deal with a kick that still leaves you able to come back with punches!
  • Sick Teep Stopper
He tries to push kick you, you force him into an angle that leaves him very vulernable to your punching counters!
  • Jammin’
How to CRUSH someone trying to kick you. This move is really capable of catching them off guard!
  • Beat Up A Kicker
This is THE DRILL for learning the tools needed to take out a kicking style fighter. You should spend a lot of time doing this drill!
  • Outside Leg Shield
Deal with your opponent’s body kick counter effectively with this move!
  • Scoop & Counter
Put that kicker away as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Low Kick Block & Attack
Combinations to use against a low kick.
  • Bust A Gut
You’ll love this great way to pulverize someone who tries to kick you with a Thai kick!
  • Stop The Kicker Drill
One of the absolute best drills you can do to learn how to use punching skills to take out a kicker.
  • Defending the Elbow Attack
If an opponent has you in his clinch, there are more than knees to worry about. Look out for that elbow too!
  • Stop The Low Kicker
The low kick is KRYPTONITE for a boxer. If you are punching style fighter, YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS MOVE. Here is how we train it.
  • Light Leg Drill
Develop the CRITICAL skill of “boxing with a light leg” with drill!
  • Backside Leg Shield
Advanced sequence to counter an opponent’s body kick.
  • Punch Off The Block Drill
A quick way to come back with a strong punch.
If you get “inside” a good kicker, chances are they are going to wrap you up in a Thai clinch to smother your punching attacks and make you vulernable. If you don’t know how to COUNTER THE CLINCH with straight-forward simple and effective moves – YOU’RE TOAST! If you want to use your punches against an opponent, YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF A CLINCHER. These are the best and simplest moves we know of to do just that! HIGHLY IMPORTANT!
Special Topics: Countering The Boxer 2
A Lesson In Strategies and Moves for
Countering The Boxer!
Sometimes its just not a good idea to “trade punches” with a guy unless you really know what you are doing.

Never box with someone who is a better boxer than you. The smart fighter knows better than that. What you need in these situations are time-tested moves specifically designed for stopping the boxing/punching style fighter. That’s what these two DVD’s are all about; how to counter and stop the “boxer” style attack.
  • “The Wall” Counterattack Drills
Right blast, switch kick, knee or uppercut an opponent for trying to hit you with a right hand!
  • “Rib Buster”
Punishment for an opponent who takes a swing at you.
  • The “Emanuel Steward” Left Hook
A quick and clean shot to the button! Definitely an unusual way to throw the hook and set up heavier shots.
  • Slip and Smash
Advanced ways to deal with an opponent’s right.
  • Elbow Slicer
Watch out – this one can cut your opponent!
  • The Spinning Hammerfist
An unorthodox move that can flat out put your opponent on his ass! Many a man has been caught totally off guard with this one!
  • Push And Slam
A classic Muay Thai counter against a right. It seems like every trainer in Thailand teaches this move.
  • Blast The Hooker
Classic ways of countering someone trying you with a hook.
  • The “Bolo Punch”
A sweet UNORTHODOX punch that seems like it could take his head clean off!
  • The “Diagonal Knee Counter”
Surpirse your opponent with this one!
  • Counters Off The Shoulder Roll
Nice advanced move for those who are quick.
  • Destroying the Jabber Counterattack Drills
Jab, slip, low kick, and knee somebody for trying to hit you with a jab!
Special Topics: Clinch Control
How to STOP Common Counters To Your Clinch!
Your’e in a fight, you establish clinch and now are elated! Now it’s time to let loose a barrage of knees – right? Not so fast! If you clinch up with someone who knows what they are doing, you are going to have a difficult time landing a blow past their defenses. Sometimes, an opponent knows a few simple moves and that’s all it takes to make it hard for you to use your clinch effectively. In such situations its important to know how to counter these “clinch stoppers”. By mastering the techniques presented here you will greatly increase the effectiveness of your clinching attacks.
  • The Ensnarement
Ways to really put your opponent in a difficult and compromised position when they try to block your knees!
  • Changing Doors
Opponent’s can “stuff” your clinch in an attempt to shut it down. What you need to do is change your attack. Here are some ways to do just that!
  • Clinch Blocking
Just because you establish a clinch, doesn’t mean you’re “home free” to rain knees into their belly without fear of retaliation. They can hit you! Here’s how to deal with it.
  • Countering Clinch Counters
Next time an opponent counters your clinch attack, try some of these options.
  • How to Defeat the Face Push
The simple face push is perhaps one of the best ways of defending against the clinch. Learn how to counter this effective “clinch stopper”!
  • How to Counter Hip Push
A lot of MMA/Grappling style fighters like to counter the clinch with pushing the hips. Here’s how to stop that move.
Free Bonus #1: SOR. Katika Gym
People in Thailand know that the region of Isan Thailand is the place that produces a large number of Muay Thai fighters. One very well known gym in the area is the Sor Katika Gym. muay thai mittsOne thing about Sor. Katika Gym is that it is not advertised at all. Period. They are strictly word of mouth and very serious. If a boxer gets out of line during training for example being rude or drinking (because they mostly sleep and live there) they will be kicked out. Everyone around the area and in Chaingmai knows about this camp. This gym is not at all about training foreigners.
They don’t make their money training foreigners – they train fighters and they are very well known. The main owner, Ajarn Vinit Tanjud is totally famous for his experience teaching/training young Thais around the country in Muay Thai as well as other sports. The other trainers at this gym are Kru Phanupong Tanjud and his brother Kru Bunyeim Doungrat.
This gym is SERIOUS about it’s training. The boxers who train here have built names for themselves. Most have had success on the provincial level up to the national level, as well as having competed in the Youth Games, Sea Games and World Championships. It was actually quite difficult for our crew to get the trainers to allow us to film their training and they were hesitant to give their secrets away. But finally they agreed and our crew had the unique opportunity to go to this facility and film two days of training.
Unfortunately, the videographer had an accident with the camera and the tape was damaged! Knowing that we would not have the chance to film again, we worked on the tape and recovered part of the damaged footage. The original audio was lost, as well as part of the video (real bummer) but the recovered footage is still enjoyable and informative. In fact, this footage is so rich in content and culture we decided to release it as a free bonus with this video collection.
A Unique Opportunity to Witness Some
Very Rare Muay Thai Training!
Free Bonus #2: Chakrit Muay Thai gym 2
Chakrit Muay Thai gym is located in Bangkok. Last spring our crew went there asked the trainer, Kru Samart Phetin, to teach us some of his favorite moves and training methods. The result is a very interesting set of footage that spans 2 DVDs. Although this DVD is not in English, (it’s actually in Thai), still it is quite easy to learn from what he has to show you, and thetechniques here will be intriguing even for those who have some Muay Thai experience.
Watch and learn from Kru Samart as he shows you: kicking exercises, Thai Pad drills, wall pad training, heavy bag work, some great kicking strategy and technique, countering the long range knee, sparring, elbow techniques, knee techniques and clinching, countering kicks, and more!
Free Bonus #3: Fighting Spirit Gym
Located in Bangkok, Fighting Spirit Gym is run by Kru Dan Lyons and his assitant Kam. Some of the trainers at this gym are very seasoned, one having over 400 fights! Motivational and inspiring. It’s always a good thing to be open minded and watch how things are done at different gyms. You can learn a lot from doing this!Watch how these guys train low kicks, elbows, punching, clinching, do pad work, train the “hangman” and more!
By seeing how these guys train and do their techniques you will be better equipped to set up your own training regiment!
Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “you can’t learn anything from a video.”
That’s totally false! Yet, this sort of “old-fashioned” thinking is suprisingly still around today. Don’t you believe it! You can learn important stuff from just an article or a book, but a video is even better than these. It is true that video is not as good as “training in person” (nobody with any sense would ever claim that it was). What you miss with video is the interaction between instuctor and student, and that’s what makes training in person the best option for learning. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t learn – and learn a lot – from video! What you need to do is substitute instructor correction with personal correction. You have to be dilligent about making your technique look like the instructor’s on the video. Once you do that – Bam! Rest assured that you can indeed make great progress and learn an absolute TON from watching video, even if its not 100% as good working in person with a trainer. Actually training with video has several important benefits, some of which you can’t even get from live training:
You miss absolutely none of that – and that goes a loooooong way to improving your skill and its been shown time and time again (for example, people are winning tournaments and fights every week from watching grappling videos!).
You can’t rewind and re-watch real life (unless of course you make your own amateur video)
Wake up at 3am because you can’t sleep? Bored at home and want something fun and interesting to do? Traveling? Learn some Muay Thai!
Video instruction is cheaper because you don’t have to pay an instructor, don’t have to take out a membership to a school or gym, and you don’t have to take time off from work and travel. Most good DVDs (like ours) have YEARS WORTH of INSTRUCTION PACKED IN THEM And now there is even more good news:
Obviously putting this set together is no easy task. It also costs us a lot more to put something together will all of this information. So unfortunately we have to charge more to make up for all that. Bottom line – this series retails for $247. And that’s a darn good price considering all of the huge amounts of information that you will absorb quickly and easily. But right now, we really want to build our customer base, we are going to put it on sale:
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