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Chute Boxe’s Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos MMA Training Series
Tactics of “EXTREME AGGRESSION” Captured On Video
Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos’ MMA Training Drills DVD Set
Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos
Chute Boxe has produced SEVERAL world class fighters and MMA champions.
Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos’ MMA Training Drills DVD Set Teaches You the Most Efficient Ways to KICK BUTT AND TAKE NAMES In All Areas of Fighting; Standup, Ground, Or Anywhere In Between!
MMA is a transforming and evolving sport. The MMA fight game has made more evolutionary progress in ten years than most sports have in 50 years. In order to improve your game as efficiently and effectively as possible, you need to have access to instruction that has been at the cutting edge of that progress. “Cyborg” Santos trains with the Chute Boxe Academy, one of the most elite and feared fight camps in the world. They haven’t just kept up with the evolution of the sport, they have largely caused it.
Chute Boxe has produced SEVERAL world class fighters and MMA champions. Wanderlei Silva, “Shogun” Rua, and Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos to name a few.
Meet Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos
Nevermind Cyborg’s impressive career inside the cage, the most impressive part of this fighter is arguably his work ethic in the gym. Fights are won and lost during the training, and Cyborg’s experience with the Chute Boxe Academy has given him the advantage over his opponents because of his elite preparation.

Now you have the opportunity to learn the same exercises, drills, and combinations that Cyborg and other Chute Boxe fighters have used to take their games to the cutting edge of MMA.
Best of all, Cyborg is a FANTASTIC TEACHER with a tremendous amount of martial knowledge!
Take Advantage of This Massive 4 DVD Set Packed with World Class Instructional Material!
Here is a rundown of just some of the material included in this course.
You get all of this and more in this 4 DVD set:

Muay Thai Basics Vol.1
Cyborg's Lesson On Proper Striking
Techniques and Drills
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • INTRODUCTION TO MUAY THAI: Proper Stance, Hand Placement, and Basic Movements
  • ATTACKING WITH ARMS: Learn how to use punches and elbows to completely dismantle your opponent!
  • THE DROP: Want a quick way to change the dynamic of your takedown game? This is it!
  • ATTACKING WITH LEGS: Learn how to properly attack your opponent with your kicks and knees without injuring yourself.
  • DEFENDING YOURSELF: Cyborg walks you through how you should defend yourself from your opponent’s punches and kicks.
Striking Drills Vol.2
Guaranteed To Be Some Of The Coolest Striking
Drills You've Ever Seen!
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • UNCHING COMBINATIONS: Cyborg shows you how to complete dismantle your opponent with hand combinations!
  • PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: These drills contain combinations that will become your go-to combos when the fight is on the line!
  • KICKING COMBINATIONS: Killer combinations that break your opponent’s spirit, and legs!
  • KNEES AND ELBOWS:  These drills are usually overlooked. Give yourself the advantage over your opponent and use these creative
Clinch Drills Vol.3
Cyborg's Techniques and Drills To
Improve Your Clinch!
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • GAINING THE ADVANTAGE: Being able to effectively strike from the clinch requires that you effectively establish the clinch.
  • INFLICT DAMAGE: Cyborg walks you through some of the drills that will teach you how to inflict maximum damage with minimal risk.
  • MAINTAIN CONTROL: Basic movements, grips, and positioning will guarantee that your opponent is at your mercy.
Ground Game Vol.4
Ground and Pound and Grappling Moves
From Both top and Bottom!
Highlights Of This DVD Include:
  • POSITIONING FOR SUCCESS: Learn how to gain and maintain the positions so that you can effectively ground and pound your opponent!
  • LEARNING THE STRIKES: Striking on the ground without exposing yourself can be difficult! Here Cyborg takes the mystery out of system.
  • GROUND AND POUND: Now that you’re in the dominant position and ready to strike, let’s take a look at how to inflict maximum punishment as easily as possible!
  • TROUBLESHOOTING: As with all of the DVDs, Cyborg will help you correct mistakes and produce repeatable results!
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