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high effective brazilian jiu jitsu training for all levels
How To Add a Ton of Rarely Seen But Highly
Effective BJJ Moves To Your Grappling Arsenal!
      There is a LOT more to BJJ than most people think…
Mario Roberto "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Video Encyclopedia 2"
Mario Roberto Does it Again! Another Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DVD Set That Will Challenge Your Existing Knowledge
and Flat-Out Blow Your Mind!
“Mario Roberto Does it Again! Another Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DVD Set That Will Challenge Your Existing Knowledge and Flat-Out Blow Your Mind! “
If you are in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER interested in martial arts, self defense, fighting, cage fighting, MMA/Mixed Martial Arts, or anything of that sort, you’ve gotta see what we have for you.
Meet black belt Mario Roberto
“What you’ve always wanted… realistic, effective, no
B.S. grappling moves that really work!”
Mario Roberto is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, former professional fighter and a full-time mixed martial arts coach. He regularly teaches seminars all over the United States, having guided and motivated hundreds of students and fighters to reach higher levels of performance.

Now you can take advantage of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expertise without even leaving the comfort of your home!
Building on his original BJJVideoEncyclopedia, Mario has ADDED A WHOLE NEW ADDITIONAL SET with ALL NEW FOOTAGE of ALL NEW TECHNIQUES!!

As always, this series is also organized so that you can immediately incorporate the contents of each volume into your ground game and see the results right away!

Are you tired of learning the same basic techniques over and over again,
or browse through countless clips of “filler” material? So are we!


These DVDs are packed with straight-to-the-point, pull-no-punches high-level instruction that is sure to blow your mind away! Do not miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best instructors out there!

The BJJ Video Encyclopedia Volume 2 is an action
packed 7 DVD set containing BRAND NEW MATERIAL not covered in the original BJJ Video Encyclopedia:
Sometimes called “the sweep from everywhere” the Blizzard Sweep is an advanced sweep that you can apply effectively to many different positions on the ground. In these 2 DVDs Mario will teach you everything you need to know about successfully executing this move, from the very basics to more advanced applications, exercises, and troubleshooting.
Here is what you will be learning on these 2 DVD:
  • Blizzard Sweep Basics: Learn the basics of this awesome sweep
  • Blizzard T-Bone Hook. Bet you’ve never seen this one before…
  • North South Blizzard Arm Bar: Put the top guy in an armlock…
  • North South Blizzard Americana: Put the top guy in an Americana Lock
  • North Scouth Low Blizzard: Another nice move…
  • The North South Blizzard: How to sweep the guy on top!
  • Knee Contral Blizzard: Another blizzard variation…
  • Blizzard Body Hook: Here’s a sweet option you should know…
  • Blizzard Combo: Things work better when done from a combo…
  • Blizzard Cousin: A very cool alternative…
The Blizzard Sweep is a very unusual and rarely seen move that can catch your opponents completely by surprise.

Don’t think you can master this bad boy overnight though. It will take some time and dedication – but the effort will be well worth it.

A well mastered blizzard sweep is an awesome too to add to your grappling toolbox. Unleash this monster and watch your opponent go flying over from all kinds of directions!
  • Butterfly Blizzard: Unorthodox sweep from the butterfly guard…        
  • Sitting Blizzard: Another surprise sweep    
  • Knee Trap Blizzard Sweep: Another way to sweep your opponent    
  • Spider Guard Position: Attack him with this from the spider guard        
  • Double Wrist Control Blizzard: Yet another way to use the Blizzard Sweep..    
  • Partner Exercises: More ways to improve your sweep..   
  • Half Guard Blizzard: Blizzard sweep from the half guard…    
  • Side Control Blizzard: Sweep him from being in bottom side control!    
  • Troubleshooting: What to do when things go wrong…    
  • Blizzard Sweep Flow Drill: Make it smooth, repeat…        
  • Developing Power: Strengthen your blizzard sweep..    
  • De La Riva Blizzard: The De La Riva variation
The triangle is a true signature of BJJ and a very popular choke. A lot of people have seen this move in MMA combat, grappling tournaments and the UFC. However not everyone knows the details about how to apply the move correctly, and it’s the details, setups, and options that make all the difference in the world.What is the best way to set up the triangle? What are some unusual ways and positions of attacking with it? What do you do when your triangle attack fails? It’s clear workable answers to questions like these that separates someone who just “knows how to do a triangle” from a true “triangle master” and its exactly these sorts of things that you will be learning on this loaded 3 DVD set!
Here is just some of the cool stuff you will be learning on these 3 DVD:
  • The Basic Triangle: Learn what makes the choke really work well
  • Inside the Arm Bar Triangle: A variation you’ve probably never seen before..
  • The Turtle Triangle: Attack the guy turtled up with this choke!
  • The Break Down Triangle: A very cool move..
  • Bear Trap with Arm Bar: Great alternatives.
  • The Basic Triangle Set 2 and 3: Basics is what wins fights – learn as many as you can.
  • Unorthodox Triangles: Attack with these surprise moves!
  • The Arm Bar Variation: Another triangle variation...
  • Head and Arm Mania: Highly effective moves…
  • The Clinch Triangle: Another sweet option you should know…
3 DVDs on Triangles and Other Attacks!
These 3 DVDs will provide you with important fundamentals as well as a series of unorthodox triangle submissions and important instruction in troubleshooting areas. You’ll learn both how to attack in an unexpected way as well as what to do if things don’t work out the way you planned!

Additionally, also included are some BONUS CLIPS on MMA/Striking drills that will help improve your fighting skill in the striking area.

Covering both stand up and “ground and pound” tactics” Mario will show you exactly what he thinks works in these areas!
  • Working the Thai Clinch: A drill for improving your clinch.
  • Stand Up Striking Drills: Improve your striking skills.
  • Taking Down: How to put your opponent on the ground…
  • Taking Down 2: How to put your opponent on the ground II
  • Unorthodox Triangles and Troubleshooting: You’ll love this stuff.
  • Troubleshooting the Underhook: This position comes up often – learn how to deal with it!
  • The “v” Triangle: Yet another unorthodox triangle variation…
  • The “H” Bar and It’s Escape: This move can make a big difference.
  • Troubleshoot Kneebar Defense: What to do when your opponent attacks you with a kneebar!   
  • Troubleshoot Side Control Escape: What to do and when to do it..
  • The Guard Lesson: A narrative on how to work most effectively control and dominate from this position!
Mario’s first-hand MMA experience and extensive grappling knowledge provide him with the necessary coaching tools to take fighters to the highest levels. To put it simply, he really knows his stuff and has what it takes to help you improve your grappling game. On these DVD’s entitled “Chokemaster” and “Kneebar Options” Mario will teach you what you need to know to skyrocket your game in these areas.
Here is just some of the cool stuff you will be learning on these 2 DVD:
  • Half Guard Topics: Learn some great half guard moves…
  • “Chokemaster”: Let Mario help you improve your chokes!
  • Collar Choke Set: A combination of choke attacks..
  • Side Control Triangle Choke: Another triangle variation…
  • The Front Head Lock: How to work effectively from this common position…
  • Choke Workshop: Numerous tips for sinking in chokes..
  • Knee Bar Troubleshooting 1: Improve your knee bar skills.
  • Knee Bar Troubleshooting 2: More moves to improve your leg attacks.
  • Knee Bar Defense: How to get out of a knee bar…
  • One Arm Stack Pass Drill: This drill is important…
2 DVDs on Knee Bars and Choking Attacks!
Mario regularly teaches seminars all over the United States, having guided and motivated hundreds of students to reach higher levels of performance. Mario also has more than 15 titles in sport Jiu-Jitsu, and was ranked number one in his division in 1993 and 1994 in Brazil.

Let Mario show you the ins and outs of some very effective choking attacks and kneebar moves.
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