Mastery Book: The problem with being a dabbler

If you know anyone who loves to start things but never finishes them…

Or you simply want secrets to building self-confidence through persistence…

Then you need to listen to this video from our FightinStrong resource library. In this video, we cover the dangers of the so-called “dabbler” – someone who never sticks with anything long enough to get good.

By the end of this clip, you’ll discover the secrets to keep kids involved when the going gets tough and handle the challenges of life. 

Here’s what else you’ll find within this video:

  • Is it possible for a dabbler to become a master? (0:43)
  • What to do when excitement of starting new things wears off (1:55)
  • The surprising relationship between dabbling and self-confidence
  • Why a fine line exists between “the dabbler” and “the quitter”

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan