Mastery Book: Becoming extraordinary means ditching the ordinary – and that’s tough

If you coach athletes in or around their teen years who have ever felt pressure to succeed…

Or if you know anyone struggling through a tough situation who could use some motivation…

Then you have to listen to this video from our FightinStrong resource library. In this video, we introduce the concept of mastery as detailed by author George Leonard. Success and mastery are never linear, and everybody struggles at some point in their life. 

But by the end of this video, you’ll understand how the process of getting really good at something difficult prepares you for life, and how to help athletes deal with frustration in the thick of it.

Here’s what else you’ll find within the video:

  • Why the concept of mastery matters (0:40)
  • How do kids react to tough situations? (1:47)
  • What parents can learn about teenage struggles (2:19)
  • The two things that shape the way teenagers feel about themselves (2:35)
  • How successful people respond to tough situations (3:01)
  • How to deal with feelings of inadequacy (4:38)
  • What BJJ has to do with bagpipes (6:27)
  • Why plateaus may be the key to success (7:06)

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan