Excuses Are Lies We Tell Ourselves So That It Doesnt Have To Be Our Fault

If you have athletes who abhor responsibility to their own detriment…

Or you want to help someone face their fears and chip away at excuses…

Then you should watch this video from our FightinStrong resource library. In this video, we provide tools and takeaways to develop one of the most difficult to teach virtues – responsibility. Accepting that something is your fault definitely stings, but by the end of this video, you’ll understand how to help athletes use that ownership, flip it, and take control of their future.

Here’s what else you’ll find within the video:

  • What’s wrong with blaming the events? (1:08)
  • Making excuses is easier (2:06)
  • Why responsibility is scary (and that’s okay) (2:56)
  • The BIG takeaway from excuse making (you can use this quote) (3:41)
  • Reap the rewards by doing this work (4:13)

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan