Critical Link Between Self Esteem and Responsibility

If you want help your kids break out of a slump and cultivate natural self-esteem…

Or if you want to learn how the mental aspect of jiu jitsu staves off negative self-talk…

Then it’s time to watch this video from our FightinStrong resource library. This video covers something a lot of young people struggle with, self-esteem, and its relationship with responsibility. I’ll admit – it’s extremely difficult to use responsibility to your advantage if you don’t see yourself in a positive light. That’s why I put together this video. By the end of it, you’ll unlock coaching tips to cultivate self-esteem through responsibility to break that negative cycle and get your kids on the right track.

Here’s what else you’ll discover in this video:

  • What Ryan Tracy, successful motivational speaker, says about the happiest people in the world (0:41)
  • The critical link between happiness and how much you like yourself (1:22)
  • One of the biggest reasons self-esteem suffers (3:22)
  • Lessons in escaping the victim mentality (4:02)
  • What the legendary Jackie Robinson can teach us about self-esteem and responsibility (4:22)

Stay strong,
Scott Sullivan