Learn How To Defeat Bigger & More Skilled Opponents With An Arsenal of Leg Attacks That Can Literally Break & Dismantle A Fighter’s Foundation

It’s Time For You To Learn The Serious Fight Stopping Moves That Catch People Completely By Surprise!!!

Are You Ready To Be Educated and “Schooled” In The Rarely Seen Yet Highly Effective Art Of Leglocks?


Take away a man’s legs, and you take away his ability to fight too! The ability to apply leglocks quickly and correctly will make you an awesome and feared force to be reckoned with. Nobody, not even skillled grapplers, likes to go against a “leglock freak” because these things can come out of nowhere and end a match or fight in the blink of an eye.

Who can forget this memorable UFC moment when Frank Mir defeated a much larger “Goliath” of a man, Brock Lesnar, with a surprise kneebar? Leglocks are powerful!

Now You Can Learn The Most Effective Leglocks In the World – Right In Your Own Home!

Scott “Bam Bam” Sullivan is a professional MMA instructor, black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, experienced Muay Thai instructor, and is the owner and chief instuctor of Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX.The author of numerous other popular DVDs that have sold in large numbers all over the planet, Scott knows how to BOTH teach real life effective No B.S. martial arts technique and to convey that teaching effectively through video.

Scott has been training in submisson grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and shoot wrestling (shooto) for over 15 years and has been a long time advocate of leglock techniques. Now Scott has put all of his favorite leglocking moves in a new easy-to-follow course.

This techniques shown in this video series are based on over a decade of grappling/leglock experience, development and experimentation. Scott will show you what has found to be the best ways to get the most effective leg locks out there.

You’ll learn his favorite ways of doing the heel-hook, reverse heel-hook, knee bar, and his all-time favorite; the toe hold.

kneebarLeglocks Give You The Power To Quickly Dispatch and Incapacitate A Man With Just A Small Amount Of Pressure.

When done properly, they do not require a lot of muscle and they are pretty easy to learn and put to use!

This makes leglocks unique in the martial arts world.

Here we have techniques that are easy to learn, require little strength, catch many people totally off guard and are very effective at stopping a 100% fully resisting attacker.

Make no mistake about it. Knowing how to properly apply leglocks can be a great tool to add to you arsenal.

In fact, we think there are a whole host of good reasons for why every person interested in fighting or self defense should bone up their leglocking skills:

Leglocks Are Relatively Easy To Learn Compared to other grappling techniques, leg locks are actually pretty darn easy to learn. They don’t require a lot of experience, flexibility, or even coordination! Once you get the basic mechanics of the technique down and learn a few entries on applying the technique, you’ll be “locked and loaded” – ready to whip it out on your next opponent!
Leglocks Are A Great Equalizer Leg locks have an amazing ability to work on people bigger and/or more skilled than you! Although the legs are strong, they also don’t have as much mobility as say the arms do and this means they can be difficult for one to “finesse” their way out of. Even the strength of one’s legs is neutralized by the leverage of a good leglock technique.
Leglocks Are Widely Available In a fight, leglock opportunities are EVERYWHERE! You can capture an opponent in a leglock from a wide variety of positions. In his guard, half-guard, north-south, side control, from being mounted, after a takedown, and even when an opponent tries to kick you. With all of these possibilities, if you didn’t know leglocks it would leave a HUGE GAPING HOLE in your fighting ability – a hole too big for any serious person to ignore!
Most People Don’t Know How To Do Leglocks It’s been said that the best fighting technique is the one they don’t see coming. This is very true for leglocks, making leglocks are a great “surprise” move. They often catch people TOTALLY OFF-GUARD! When an opponent has no clue what you are doing to him, it makes your attack MUCH MORE LIKELY TO SUCCEED!
Most People Have No Idea How To Defend Against Leglocks This point follows from the 4th. Not only is it often easier to get a leglock on people because they don’t know what it is, for the same reason it’s easier to finish the move successfully because often times your opponent will have no idea how to escape from it once they are caught!
Leglocks Can Instantly Stop A Fight All experienced grapplers know how DANGEROUS leglocks can be (that’s why these moves are often ILLEGAL in most tournaments). They are indeed dangerous, but when your life is on the line, that’s exactly what you want – something “dangerous” to stop your attacker! After all, nobody can fight with a ripped knee or ankle!

No doubt about it, when you are properly “schooled” in the art of leglocks, you become a dangerous force to be reckoned with. An accomplished leglock artist is capable of taking people out even if they happen to be “overall” better grapplers.

This course will teach you step-by-step, from A to Z, everything you need to know to become a slick, savvy “Leglock Shark!”


This Set Comes LOADED With Highly Detailed Footage

Here are some of the highlights contained in this series:

toe hold toeholdstop

The toehold is a powerful method of attacking a man’s leg at the ankle and knee joints. When done properly, this move can cause instant damage to both (although it primarily attacks the knee), rendering a person unable to walk or even stand. There are actually two things that make the toehold such a good fighting move; first it attacks a crucial area and can damage it if your opponent doesn’t surrender, second, this lock can be applied from a wide variety of positions making it a highly versatile maneuver.


Toe Hold Basics

The toehold is a dangerous and versatile lock. A lot of people “think” they know how to do a toehold, but if you miss a few details the lock doesn’t work that well. This segment will teach you how to execute the lock properly with all the relevant details.

Toe Hold From The Half Guard

If a man doesn’t know any better, he will use his hafl guard in a way that makes him WIDE OPEN for a fight stopping toehold. This section will teach you how to do this lock PROPERLY from this position and in turn, what to look out for!

The Secure Toe Hold

A unique way of slamming into the toehold that prevents, as much as possible, any chance of escape!

“Throwing It In Reverse”

An unexpected way to reverse an opponent who is on top of you and catch them in this powerful lock!

North-South Toe Hold

Rarely expected, but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. A nice move to add to your arsenal. Get ready to start catching some guys with this one!

Leg Snake Series

You are down and your opponent is standing- whip out a lightning fast leglock out of nowhere. Learn the basic attack and possible follow ups to his counterattempts!

Kick Catch Series

If you know how to handle it properly, having someone throw a kick at you is like getting a great Christmas present. This series of moves will teach you to take a kick and turn it into a nasty toehold!

Killer Toe Hold & Knee Bar Combination

This opportunity comes up a lot when attacking the legs, making it a very imporant combination that every leglock specialist should know.

How To Do The Rolling Toe Hold

Sometimes moves that are a little “flashy” really do work! That is certainly the case with the rolling toehold. With a little practice you will be tapping out people with this little move – and impressing them with your awesome finesse as well!

Rolling Toe Hold Drill

To land a good toehold, you have to be able to execute it quickly and correctly, with very little delay between the time you see the opening and execute the move. This drill will help you pull all of this off with the rolling toehold.

heel hook

The HEEL HOOK is a highly effective method of attacking (and severely damaging) an opponent’s knee and ankle.

In this video, you will learn everything you need to know about this incredible submission. Learn it all – from the very basic grips to fine tuning the moves, unique and effective setups, and a lot more. After watching this video and absorbing its contents you will have a very powerful weapon to add to your martial arts toolbox!


Heel Hook: An In-Depth Overview:

We have to honestly say, with all modesty aside, this is the most thorough explanation of the heel hook ever put on video. Learn the grips, positioning and everything else to get it down pat. Nuff said.

“The World’s Fastest Heel Hook”

The name says it all! Speed is important in any martial arts technique and the heel hook is no exception. Here is the fastest way we know of to swiftly catch your opponent in DIFFERENT TYPES OF HEEL HOOKS!

How To Do The “Power Heel Hook”

This is a very nice grip to use, nasty to be caught in though.

How To Position Your Legs Properly For the Heel Hook

Proper leg position is important when doing heel hooks because if done incorrectly your opponent can escape or counter!

How To Do The “Cupping” Heel Hook

Sometimes this may be the best option to use on your opponent. Add it to your aresenal and become a more complete leg attack specialist!

How To Do The “Steering Wheel” Heel Hook

Perhaps the most damaging of all the heel hooks, this one can cause a lot of damage if you are not careful!

How To Get The Heel Hook From The Back Sweep

A lot of grapplers and BJJ guys will try to sweep you with this sweep. Learn two ways to have a BIG surprise for them if they try!

How To Do The Reverse Heel Hook

In our opinion, the reverse heel hook is the BADDEST, NASTIEST, SCARIEST, and FLAT OUT MOST DAMAGING LEGLOCK THERE IS. Yep, and you’ll learn all about it right here.

“The Penitentiary”:

Lock a guy up in this and he is DONE – FINISHED – ZIP – IT’S ALL OVER! This is the best way to trap and immobilize your opponent in a way that gives you a huge opportunity to attack with a devastating fight stopping heel hook – while he sits helplessly by and watches you do it!

The “Thread The Needle” Setup

– Unpredictable and FAST! A very cool way to setup the devastating reverse heel hook on an unwary opponent. This is Scott Sullivan’s personal favorite!

kneebar dvd kneebar as a weapon

The kneebar is a powerful move that directly attacks an opponent’s knee by forcing it into hyperextension (much like the way the elbow is forced on an armlock). This DVD will take you from A to Z and show you the basics as well as more advanced applications. You have everything you need right here to start mastering this very potent lock.


“Kneebar-ology” 101

In depth, foundational A-Z class on the kneebar technique. You will learn important informatioon on the techniques, grips and leg positions that really work – as well as some things to look out for.

The Dreaded “Reverse Mount Attack” Series:

No lock is gonna work if you aren’t in good position to use it. Here we will show you, step by step, what is arguably the BEST POSITION TO ATTACK THE LEG. Absolutely without a doubt one of the most important things you will learn from this series!

How To Use the Best Grips For A Powerful Kneebar

How you hold your opponent’s leg can make all the difference in the world from a successful lock to a complete failure. Here you will learn to do it RIGHT!

How to Position the Legs For the Most Powerful Kneebar

If your leg position is wrong you will not be able to pull off a kneebar. Here you show you where to place your legs for the most powerful kneebar!

How To Control Proper Knee Direction

If you don’t know how to control your opponent’s knee direction, you will not be able to get a kneebar. Here we include this little KNEE-TOE SECRETto keep your opponent from turning out of your kneebars!

Why Many Kneebars Fail

Its very frustrating to get a lock on someone only to watch them thrash out of it because you didn’t put it on correctly. Here you learn some common errors to avoid when doing the kneebar.

Half Guard Spin Series

This position is a very good way to catch someone in the kneebar. Get all the relevant info right here.

Knee Bar Drill

We like this drill alot to teach students how to “find” the kneebar and properly cinch it up. Great for your “leglock” coordination!

How To Knee Bar From The Guard

(Top & Bottom) The guard is a very common position in fighting and grappling and it is also a great time to land a kneebar on your opponent. After watching this segment, you’ll know how THE BEST WAYS TO GET IT from both the top and the bottom.

The Slick Rolling Knee Bar From Standing

Here is how to turn a potentially dangerous situation for yourself completely around into a great kneebar counter!Great surprise.

Rolling Knee Bar From Ground

A very good time to get a kneebar is when an opponent is overconfident because he thinks he has you in a bad position. Here is how you can really turn the tables on him!

How To Counter The Most Common Kneebar Counter

– Experienced grapplers will almost always try this move to counter any kneebar attempt. The problem is that with just a little technique we will show you here his counter won’t work! With the one technique we show you here, you’ll never be stopped by this move again!

leglock setup dvd leglock options

This DVD really pulls everything together and gives you even more attacks and setups. Full of information that you will not find anywhere else!


Leg Lock Clinic

Overview showing you the possibilities available for applying leglocks. These things can come from a number of different places and here we show you where!

How To Get a Kneebar, Heel Hook or Toehold From a Takedown

Its a very nice thing to be able to PUT A STANDING OPPONENT DOWN AND LOCK HIM UP IN A DANGEROUS LEGLOCK. Learn how here!

How To Do The Single Leg Dump & Reverse Heel Hook

This is a very nice way to end a good takedown with the world’s most dangerous leglock – the feared “reverse heel hook”! Very effective and straight to the point!

Understanding Leglock Hierarchy

CRUCIAL INFORMATION!! It does you little good to go for a leglock while leaving an opening for your opponent to get a better leg lock on you! This section will teach you which leglocks “beat” and “trump” others so that they tap to your lock and you don’ tap to theirs!

How To Do Straight Foot Lock

“The devil is in the details” they say and this is true with the straight foot lock. There are a few ways commonly taught on how to do this move, we show you which works THE BEST. Learn the two most important points on making this common leglock work!

How To Do The Reverse Straight Foot Lock

This is an important lock to know so that you wil be able to pull it off if the opportunity arises.

How To Do The Straight Foot Lock From The Guard , Properly

Execute this submission quickly for a quick victory. This is a common lock but here you see some not so common ways of doing it that increases it’s success percentage!

How To Do The Single Leg to Kneebar

Learn how you can PUT A MAN DOWN and transition into a FAST AND SMOOTH KNEEBAR – from a standing position!

“The Dirty Dozen”:

The best way we know of to learn a TON of SERIOUS HARD CORE LEG ATTACKS! This drill will help you remember the 12 most important ways of doing various types of leg locks. Truly something you will appreciate!

How To Launch The “Triple Attack” From Side Control

3 unorthodox, suprising, and downright nasty methods of attacking with a leglock from having your opponent in side control. Most guys are expecting an armlock or mount from here, but watch their eyes pop out of their head when you whip out one of these slick leglocks instead!

leg lockThis is not just an average DVD set… and let us tell you why.

First of all there is a lot of content here. These 4 DVDs will give you nearly 3 HOURS OF HARD CORE NO B.S. INSTRUCTION in these highly potent submissions. Also, we have added a WHOLE TON of helpful instructional tips throughout the video. This will help you memorize and emphasize the most important points during the instruction. All of this will greatly enhance your viewing and learning experience.



single leg takedownThe leglocks taught in these videos can cause SEVERE and PERMANENT DAMAGE to the knee and ankle.

Many grappling schools do not even teach the moves shown in these videos.

In fact, many of the moves shown here are ILLEGAL IN MOST GRAPPLING TOURNAMENTS! PRACTICE WITH CAUTION!! TAKE IT EASY!! DON’T CRANK YOUR PARTNER TOO HARD OR TOO FAST. Gently apply the move and wait for the tap.

If your partner does not tap from “pain” DON’T CRANK THE LOCK HARDER. Many of these locks cause little pain before the ligaments actually tear.

With power comes responsibility – practice with care.


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