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Unleashed for the first time, blast your skills to a level never seen before

“Dominate and Trash Your Opponent With Sick BJJ Moves Never Seen Before”

If you are in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER interested in martial arts, self defense, fighting, cage fighting, MMA/Mixed Martial Arts, or anything of that sort, you’ve gotta see this.


We are talking about realistic, top-notch gi and no-gi material!

Mario Roberto is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, former professional fighter and a full-time mixed martial arts coach. He regularly teaches seminars all over the United States, having guided and motivated hundreds of students and fighters to reach higher levels of performance.

Now you can take advantage of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expertise without even leaving the comfort of your home!

For the first time ever Mario decided to show the secret components of his advanced grappling game in these ground-breaking SPECIALIST SERIES DVDs.

This series is organized so that you can immediately incorporate the contents of each volume into your ground game and see the results right away!

Are you tired of learning the same basic techniques over and over again, or browse through countless clips of “filler” material? So are we!


These DVDs are packed with straight-to-the-point, pull-no-punches high-level instruction that is sure to blow your mind away! Do not miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best instructors out there!

Here are all the details about what you will be getting:

Volume 1: The Back Triangle

“What you can’t see can’t hurt you – yeah right…”

bjj dvd

The secret is finally out of the box: now YOU can master the back triangle and obtain the edge over your competition!

Some claim that what you cannot see cannot hurt you. That’s definitely not the case with the back triangle!

An outstanding yet rarely-taught move, the back triangle incorporates the effectiveness of the regular triangle choke with unique set-ups that are sure to catch your opponents blindsided.


With over 60 mins. of non-stop footage, you’ll learn great moves like: introduction to the back triangle, back triangle basics, some scary alternative finishes, back control under side, back control over side, back control collar choke, mount, S-Mount, Side control (bear trap), triangle to back triangle, two-on-one setup, back triangle from inverted guard, back triangle armbar, and a very nice back triangle escape!


Volume 2: The Bear Trap

“Guaranteed to make your opponent tap and say, “What the heck was that??”

bjj dvds

If you are a fan of the Brabo choke or really like the arm triangle, you can’t pass this opportunity to learn the next level of head-and-arm attacks!

This sneaky, unorthodox, never seen before, devastating submission can be applied from nearly every position, and is a must-have in a grappler’s technical arsenal!

Who’s even heard of being tapped by a “bear trap”? Not to mention this thing will jump out at BITE YOU from almost every damn position there is...

Surprise your opponents by catching them in this strong vise-like position!

This set contains over 60 minutes of instruction, and after watching it all you will know a ton of tapout techniques. This DVD will show you things such as: Introduction & Bear Trap mechanics, Arm triangle or bear trap?, Bear Trap from Near side SC, Bear Trap from Far side SC, Mount, Bear Trap from S-Mount, Bear Trap from NS, Bear Trap from Back control, Bear Trap from Turtle near side, Bear Trap from Turtle far side, Bear Trap from Turtle front, Bear Trap from Guard (sweep), Bear Trap from Cartwheel pass, and Bear Trap Armbar!

(No bears were actually harmed in the filming of this video… just in case you wondered.)


Volume 3: The “S” Mount

“Finally, a mount attack system that confuses and baffles even skilled opponents.”

bjj dvds

Stop limiting yourself to attacks from traditional positions – step into the future of grappling NOW!

It is often said that the mount position is the cornerstone of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


What if there was a better, more effective way to mount your opponent? A position from which you could unleash a barrage of attacks that would be sure to blast through the other fighter’s defense?

Your prayers have been answered – welcome to the world of the S-Mount.

Here is what you will have in store for your next victim on the mat; Introduction and Why S-Mount?, S-Mount details, Basic set-up, Tight set-up, Grapevine set-up, Bear hug set-up, Armbar, Cross-choke & Double attack, Americana, Inverted armbar, Triangle, V-crush and Taking the back!





If you have absolutely no trouble with passing the guard, then you don’t need this next item. But if you want one of the best guard passing systems out there, I mean, a TRUE GUARD PASSING SYSTEM where you have a whole step-by-step attack plan in place to blast past the guard (which is a heck of a lot better than a bunch of loosely connected attempts…) then READ ON…

The Base Position: Guard Passing System

“Slice through your opponent’s guard like a hot knife through butter!”

Time to literally TRASH your opponent’s guard…

Are you tired of being submitted from the guard? Do you hate being reversed? Then this DVD is meant for you! The Base Positions is the ULTIMATE in guard passing technology!

In this DVD you will not learn just single guard passing techniques, but a guard passing SYSTEM that will take your top game to the next level.

Mario explains in detail how to break down and LITERALLY TRASH YOUR OPPONENT’S GUARD! Stop being another victim of the guard, and take action NOW!

Here is exactly what you will learn and be able to apply on the mat: Introduction to Base Position Passing, What is Base Position?, Why Base Position?, Getting to base position: Closing the distance, on your knees, Closing the distance, standing, Butterfly guard Sitting up guard, Spider-guard, De La Riva hook, Walk around pass, Opposite knee over pass, Knee trap pass, Knee jump pass, Half-guard pass, Leg wrap pass, Opposite side stack pass, Opposite side switch, Base Position Drill #1 (‘getting there’ drill), Base Position Drill #2 (‘keeping it’ drill), Base Position Drill #3 (‘finishing it’ drill)!

Special Offer: If you are REALLY SERIOUS, pay for only 3 and get the 4th for FREE!

“You can buy any the above sets individually for $49, or better yet, get all four sets for the price of only three!”

That’s right. The best offer for you is to LEARN EVERYTHING this edition of the BJJ specialist has to offer by getting all four sets for the price of only three!!!

That’s 8 DVD’s worth of butt-stompin’ instruction for only $97. To get the complete series, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW.

Get ALL Four Sets of the BJJ Specialist: the Back Triangle, the Bear Trap, the S-Mount, and the Base Position… for the price of only three!

Yes! I want to improve my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by LEAPS AND BOUNDS!

Send me this whole thing that contains EVERYTHING so I can tap people out with the Back Triangle and Bear Trap submissions and variations, dominate from the S-Mount with new moves, and spank my opponent’s guard with the Base Position Guard Passing System!

Get all four DVD sets for the reduced price of $97

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P.S. If you want great BJJ skills, you need to be a specialist.

And quite frankly what better way is there to get started? Make it a goal, right now, that you are going to get this course, sit down, study and MASTER THIS MATERIAL. We guarantee you it will be WELL WORTH THE EFFORT when all of your training partners start asking you how you got so good so quickly, how you did that certain move, etc. So get started now!

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