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How much time? ⏲️ How about 3 minutes and 41 seconds…

Yep, that’s exactly how long it will take for you to learn a simple yet powerful way to neutralize an aggressive attacker who comes at you swinging hard, trying to knock your head off.

This ONE move could literally save your life or that of a loved one you are protecting.

But it’s just a taste of what you’ll learn from the ONE guy who has the skills to take ANYONE…

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From Total Beginner to Total BADASS with Only A Few Short Hours Of Virtual Training

Sound almost too good to be true? Yeah, most people would. But once you’ve SEEN this guy in action… … sharing his wealth of knowledge… … and EXPERIENCE his ability to simplify the complicated and make what he’s teaching STICK in your mind.  You’ll know for certain, that…

This Guy is the Real Deal!

🏆 His name is Scott Sullivan and he is the founder and head trainer at “Bam Bam Martial Arts” in Houston, Texas.

🏆 A former US Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion and professional Muay Thai fighter, he has a second-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has trained thousands of fighters in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai and of course Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

🏆 He is also one of THE baddest dudes on the planet.

🏆 That’s why he doesn’t seem the slightest bit concerned that he might just have a BIG target on his back after word gets out about everything he’s revealed in this new virtual training.

🏆 You see, what he teaches in just a few short hours is the same type of training (not exactly, as there’s only one Scott Sullivan) that people pay THOUSANDS of dollars for over several years.

🏆 And Scott is practically giving it away in comparison… all in ONE easy to understand course designed to have you ready to walk the streets with confidence the SAME day you start watching.

Introducing Scott Sullivan's BJJ Fighting Academy
A Virtual Training System For Learning The World’s Most Effective and Efficient Self Defense System

The BJJ Fighting Academy is presented in a simple to follow online format where you’ll progress at your own pace through a series of 25 in-depth training sessions designed to give you a firm foundation in the easiest to learn yet most powerful to use techniques in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Your instructor, Scott “Bam Bam” Sullivan will use his 30 years of martial arts training experience to have you “Fight Ready” by mastering the fastest, simplest and safest ways to defend yourself against ANY attacker, including…

✔️ The easiest way even a total beginner can defeat a BIGGER and STRONGER opponent (You’ll learn a simple way to take him down and put him away… FAST!)

✔️ How to QUICKLY force an attacker to retreat like a scared pussy cat (Most bullies don’t believe you’ll stand up to them and when you do THIS, they’ll show themselves to be the losers they are)

✔️ The Most Effective submission hold you can EVER learn (Mastering just this ONE is worth TRIPLE the price of this entire course, as you'll now possess one of the most powerful weapons in the world)

✔️ The “Basketball Bounce” secret to setting your opponent up to be taken out (This will be NO fun at all for him, but you might get a chuckle or two before you finish him off)

✔️ The BIG STOMP method to damaging, distracting and disrupting your opponent (this will stop a “striker” cold by absolutely destroying his knee!)

✔️ How to use your forearm like a BLADE to escape a suffocating side headlock (This one is as SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE as they come, and that’s important as he could quickly send you to dreamland without it)

✔️ A vicious 3 step sequence to CRUSHING a dangerously conservative opponent (Not only will you finish him off fast, but he might be walking funny for the rest of his life!)

✔️ The hardest position for your opponent to escape and how to use his natural “panic instinct” against him (You’ll be cool as a cat while he quickly wears himself out so you can effortlessly flip him over and choke him out!)

✔️ An easy way to get the fight on the ground so you can avoid getting into a dangerous slug fest (You’ll discover how to “grip” your opponent’s leg so you can simply turn your body and send him CRASHING on his back!)

✔️ What to do when a larger adversary attempts to trap you in a “side control” position (Here’s how to prevent him from getting on top of you by blocking his hands and shooting your knees straight into his gut to stop him cold!)

✔️ The most “Risk Free” way of transitioning to a mount position (hint – wear him out first so you can more easily take advantage)

✔️ The Secret of the “Shrimp Escape” and how it can keep you from taking a beating on the ground (It might sound a little “fishy” but it’s a VERY powerful move)

✔️ How to quickly control your opponent’s body to prevent him from landing any brutal blows (Your face will thank you later for learning this one!)

✔️ Where to STRIKE your opponent to make him release his grip when he’s got you in a suffocating side headlock (It might be considered “Dirty” fighting, but it’s VERY effective, often necessary and totally “no fail”)

✔️ How to use a “Double Leg Attack” against a charging attacker who’s intent on hurting you (He’ll have a BIG surprise as you stop his momentum like he’s hit a brick wall and then take his legs right out from under him)

✔️ An extreme “desperation” move that will help you escape the MOST dangerous of situations (Fighting off MULTIPLE attackers? This is how to get out of dodge with your life intact!)

✔️ What the “Kimura” lock is and why it’s one of THE most popular submission holds of many pro MMA fighters (You’re going to learn two different ways to do it right, so you can make ANYONE tap out!)

I think you can see why Scott Sullivan is going to make LOTS of enemies when word leaks of everything he’s revealing.

Why? Because many martial arts trainers would rather you didn’t learn everything that Scott’s teaching you here in one simple course.

These techniques are almost “TOO EASY” to learn.

Most of these guys stay in business by getting their students to keep coming back YEAR after YEAR as they spoon feed them a little at a time.

But Scott Sullivan is a different breed of trainer.

He’s so good he NEVER has to worry about lacking in students, so he decided to lay it ALL on the table right here, for YOU.

There just isn’t anything like this that’s EVER been released to the general public…

…with this many “insider” secrets shown in ONE place and for ONE low price.

Certainly not in a way that was THIS easy to master.

I mean, Just by WATCHING these videos you’re going to learn things like…

✔️ How to “turn the tables” against an opponent who comes at you SWINGING HARD using a weapon we ALL possess (This one trick alone can quickly change the course of most fight situations by putting any attacker in both a world of pain and a state of intense regret!)

✔️ The simplest way to execute a single leg attack (This will give you a HUGE advantage as he’ll literally be a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest)

✔️ An easy way to control your opponent’s position on the ground (you’ll have him “locked up” which will stop him from rolling you off of him and taking back the advantage)

✔️ A very sneaky way to reverse a headlock counterattack (You can swiftly move from this into an arm lock submission and he’ll be quickly tapping out)

✔️ The secret of the “Trap and Roll” counter move (If your opponent is choking you, has you in a vice like headlock or is raining brutal punches down on you, this simple move will get you out of some VERY dangerous predicaments!)

✔️ How to counter a smarter and more conservative opponent with a vicious knee smash (If done right this simplistic but BRUTAL move can end the fight fast)

✔️ A little-known trick that let’s your opponent PLACE HIMSELF into position for you to put him away (He’ll think he just outsmarted you, but that’s when it’s game over!)

✔️ The Single MOST important thing to do when you are in the “Guard” position (No one wants to have their opponent on top of you, but if it happens, it’s critical you know what to do!)

✔️ The “3 Stages” of ground punching distance and how to successfully defend yourself against each (Scott says this is one of the most overlooked areas of BJJ training and also one the most critical to master)

✔️ How to defend against a potentially DEADLY guillotine choke hold (You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this one without knowing the counter secret)

✔️ A defensive reflex you MUST develop or risk getting hurt BAD (this is the best way to keep yourself from getting absolutely PUMMELED in a street fight)

✔️ A “NO FAIL” way to put your opponent to sleep (If he doesn’t tap out immediately, he’ll soon be in dreamland!)

✔️ Two different yet equally powerful variations of the “Ankle Sweep” maneuver (This is the perfect way to counter an opponent who’s been getting the best of you but tries to change his leverage by standing up.  If you know THESE simple moves, it’ll be game over for him!)

✔️ How to use your forearm like a BLADE to escape a suffocating side headlock (This one is as SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE as they come, and that’s important as he could quickly send you to dreamland without it

✔️ The “Rollover Technique” for defending against your opponent punching you from above (You’ll learn how to position your body to simply “roll” with your opponent’s movements, so you never get hit with a solid punch)

✔️ The super simple, yet hyper effective “Hook, Grab and Press” sweep move (This is a lightning fast way to get your opponent on his back in perfect position to make him scream “Uncle!” with an excruciating ankle lock)

✔️ The “Shuffle and Pop” secret for escaping a throat crushing guillotine choke hold (This is a fundamental everyone should know as it could literally be a lifesaver)

✔️ What you MUST know to protect yourself legally when getting into a physical altercation (Knowing how to handle yourself before, during and after a fight altercation is just as important as knowing how to fight, so this is CRITICAL)

✔️ The “Sucker Punch” defense system (You’ll learn the body language to look for that signals a sucker punch is coming and EXACTLY how to stop it)

✔️ How to perform a “Scissor” sweep (This is a perfect move to use in a street fight if your opponent is on top, which will end up with YOU having the mount advantage!)

✔️ What the “Gift Wrap” position is and why it’s Scott’s favorite street fighting tactic (It will put you in COMPLETE control of your adversary and let YOU decide how much damage you want to inflict on him)

✔️ The simple mechanics of a PERFECT guillotine choke hold (This will quickly turn you into a submission machine NOT to be messed with!)

✔️ How to MASTER the rear naked choke (the absolute most important move in ALL of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) How to remove your opponent’s “Hooks” (This easy trick will help you escape his mount position)

This Is THE Simplest and MOST Effective Self Defense System Ever Developed For “Regular” People Like You and Me…

Now, it will work for ANYONE, but it’s been specifically designed so no matter what your age or fitness level, you’ll be able to easily use your new skills anywhere.

Whether in a dojo, in a competition or especially in the streets where it REALLY counts.

You WILL be ready, especially after Scott has taught you advanced techniques like…

✔️ A NASTY little trick to getting your opponent to expose his throat so you can cinch in a killer rear naked choke

✔️ How to defend against DIRTY tactics with a swift reversal into a bone-breaking arm bar

✔️ How to use the “Fishhook” maneuver to counter a tough opponent in charge on the ground

✔️ The “Golden Rule” for defending yourself from an attacker with a mount advantage in a street fight

✔️How to quickly take a rushing opponent down and finish the fight with a “pulling guard” guillotine

✔️ A super simple yet VERY effective standing headlock defense that’ll have him singing soprano and running home to mommy

✔️ How to use the “Hip Bump” sweep to swiftly go from guard to mount and easily take the advantage

✔️ What the “Triple Threat” of ground fighting is and the HUGE advantage knowing this will give you

✔️ A “Distraction” method to use when fighting close so you can surprise your opponent with a double leg takedown

✔️ One of the most effective “offensive” moves you can make in competition or in a street fight to take your opponent out like the evening trash

✔️ Devastating leverage secrets to snapping your opponent’s arm like a twig

✔️ How to easily “Snap Down” your opponent’s head so you can shoot into a guillotine choke hold

✔️ The secret of the “Giant Killer” choke that will eliminate any size advantage your opponent might have

And I could keep GOING and GOING, as there is just SO much covered in Scott’s BJJ Fighting Academy that we can’t possibly mention everything you’re going to learn here.

But honestly you really do have to SEE this to appreciate the full magnitude of what you’re going to learn over the course of these 91 separate training videos, grouped into 25 easy to follow sessions.

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If you have read this far, it’s obvious you have an interest in learning how to defend yourself.

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