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Wrestling is an art that can take years to perfect. 

There are thousands of techniques and setups that separate the good from the great, and there is arguably no better proving ground than Division I NCAA wrestling to separate the men from the boys.

In the new Clinch Domination 6 DVD Set you will get an exclusive look into the fundamental set of techniques that made Jon Trenge a three-time All American in the Division I NCAA wrestling circuit.

Jon shares an unprecedented look into the world of takedowns, and focuses on how to DOMINATE your opponent from the clinch.
This 6 Disk DVD Set Covers Advanced Wrestling Training In Arm Attacks, Over and Under Attacks, Clinch Attacks, Tie Up Tactics and the "Russian Tie"! 
Here is a rundown of just some of the material included in this course.
You get all of this and more in this 6 DVD set:
  • THE STRONG ARM DRAG TO BACK CONTROL Jon will show you how to grab Arm Drags from every position imaginable!
  • ADVANCED SNAP DOWN: Not the average snap down that you learned in middle school!
  • FRONT HEADLOCK: Learn to control your opponent with this great positional advantage!
  • THE POLISH THROW: This throw will rock your opponent as he slams to the ground!
  • ARM TRAP POLISH THROW: Trap your opponent’s arms and then SLAM him helplessly. 
  • THE ARM SPIN THROW: An excellent addition for a counter to your opponent’s common reaction. 
  • THE UNDERHOOK THROW BY: Counter your opponent’s strength or size with this great variation. 
  • THE UNDERHOOK PUNCH SINGLE: This is low-risk and high percentage! 
  • INSIDE TRIP FROM OVERHOOK: This is a great setup that will bring down even the strongest opponents.
  • THE KICK AND PICK: An excellent variation of the ankle pick. 
  • THE HIP TOSS: Not the average Hip Toss. This variation will ROCK your opponent!
  • COLLAR TIE COUNTER TO ARM THROW: Throw your opponent when he grabs a collar tie!
  • SNAP DOWN & FRONT HEADLOCK: Positional dominance will be a breeze with this setup! 
  • HOW TO USE THE DOUBLE FROM THE CHEST: This kick butt variation minimizes the risk of your attack while maximizing the result!
  • THE FAR LEG KICK: Jon can help you make the difficult look easy! 
  • THE INSIDE LEG HOOK THROW: This is certain to get your opponent’s base off balance.
  • THE CRUNCH HEAD LOCK: Counter his hip toss with this nasty Crunch Head Lock.
  • BREAKING THE COLLAR TIE: Free yourself from your opponent’s arms effectively and efficiently! 
  • THE RUSSIAN ARM TIE: Jon is a master of the Russian Arm Tie, and shows a lot of tricks off of it. 
  • THE POST OFF: This is a great way to disrupt your opponent’s balance.   
  • THE DOUBLE COLLAR TIE: Brutalize your opponent’s posture and base with this Double Collar Tie
  • THE RUSSIAN TIE: More tricks of the trade for the Russian Tie setup. 
  • THE RUSSIAN TIE 2: This will make the Russian Tie your go-to position! 
  • THE STANDING LEG ATTACK: Attack your opponent’s legs and disrupt his base. 
  • THE SHORT ARM DRAGS: Jon will have you attacking like an arm drag master! 
  • HOW TO USE THE CEMENT JOB: Talk about devastating your opponent! This is the way to do it!
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